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Citizen Men's Watches - Citizen Men’s Watches the Future is Now

time chronograph eco drive

In 1918, the first Citizen men’s watch was manufactured with the intention of making a watch that people everywhere would love. Since 1986, the Citizen Watch Company has been the largest watchmaker in the world. Citizen has been a leader in advanced technology with the first voice recognition watch, the first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor and the world’s slimmest LCD watch. They have just introduced the Skyhawk A-T radio controlled atomic-timekeeping flight chronograph. Today, they are the leader in environmentally friendly Eco-Drive light powered watches that never need a battery.

Eco-Drive uses a solar conversion panel and energy cell as the power provider. This is the most technically advanced power generator and storage system of any watch in the world. It uses light from any source to generate electrical power. The power source is free and the Eco-Drive will last a lifetime.

Citizen men’s watches have a huge selection of styles and functions with their Eco-Drive watches. The Signature Collection is a blend of technology and art. Each watch is hand assembled and includes invisible sapphire anti-reflective glass.

The Grand Complication is made with titanium and has a ¼ second chronograph, minute repeater, and with month-day-date this watch has everything. All Signature watches have Eco-Drive, are water resistant to 100 m. and have invisible sapphire anti-reflective glass.

The Flyback Chronograph has 1/5 second chronograph, dual time, alarm and the date with a black crocodile strap. The Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph also has the phases of the moon, 12 and 24 hour time along with the other features of the case and water resistance.

The Campanola collection is hand assembled, precision parts with a hand polished case. It is an elegant timepiece collection, each with multi-functions. It was inspired by the clocks of the past that contained the movements of the stars, planets, the seasons, time, sun and moon.

The Minute Repeater has a perpetual calendar which spans 100 years into the past and 100 years into the future. With two alarms, it comes in several styles with Roman numerals and different shades of beautiful crocodile straps.

The Blue Angels Skyhawk A-T Collection comes in seven styles. It is a collector’s item with the logo and color of the Blue Angels. It has atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy. It synchronizes with atomic clocks in North America, Europe and Japan and automatically selects the right frequency based on the home time zone location. It gives the time in 43 cities, has two alarms, 1/100 second chronograph which measures up to 24 hours and a 99 minute countdown timer. It has a rotating slide rule bezel for calculating distance, time, speed, conversions and other things pilots need. It has a Greenwich Mean Time display and is water resistant to 200 m.

Citizen men’s watches also come in styles for more formal occasions. The Limited Edition World Perpetual, Calibre and Chrono-Time A-T all come with a leather dress strap and stainless steel or titanium bracelets with black or white faces. The Stiletto is an ultra thin dress watch and the Largo has vintage charm with the latest chronograph technology.

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