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Sheer Window Treatments - Tips on Sheer Window Treatments

sheers fabric available décor

Let the sunshine in! Those words are song lyrics but they also explain the latest trend in window décor for the home. It’s time to take down all the heavy fabric of formal drapes and quit hiding the windows in a room. Instead of weighting down a window, use sheer window treatments to let in more light. The room will feel bigger, brighter and cozier.

Sheer window treatments have been around for decades. Sheers available in today’s market offer much more than the standard nylon sheers from your childhood home. From homemade one-of-a-kind sheers to high end professional window treatments, the diversity of materials used for sheer window treatments is limited only by imagination.

In addition to the standard nylon sheers typically used for window treatments and available to purchase in most department stores, many of the most creative sheer window treatments are designed with material not commonly used for that purpose. From recycled goods to new fabric blends, as long allows sunlight filters through to flow into the room, it can be used as a sheer window treatment.

There are many paper and cotton blends with a silky texture and appearance that can be used as durable sheer window treatments. Thin copper scrim looks incredible plus it allows all the light to enter during the day and fills in with more of an opaque look when the sun goes down. Variations of plastic material such as a transparent shower curtain with the right color tone would fit into modern décor while many styles of lace can be used effectively as sheer window treatments.

Diverse styles of sheer window treatments are also available. Sheer fabric can be woven over and under a curtain rod looped in varying lengths to achieve the look of a scarf window treatment or an exaggerated window topper. Add beads, ribbon, crystals, jewelry or a variety of accessories to complement the fabric and color of the sheers. Cut sections of lace or another lightweight fabric in 3-4 12-18 inch strips to the appropriate length. After tying or attaching to a curtain rod in equal intervals, tie off 2-3 sections into knot. Thin bed sheets, gunny sack towels, netting and many other materials can be revamped into sheer window treatments.

Choosing sheer window treatments is a great way to subtly focus windows without demanding too much attention. For those concerned with privacy, install electronic blinds. For a less expensive option design your own Roman shades or purchase basic plastic slatted shades to use at night.

The latest trends in window décor focus on using as much natural light as possible. Sheer window treatments can complement the style of any room. Unless you plan to make your own, you can shop for sheers ranging in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the size and choice of material.

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