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Department Of Fair Trading

the role of fair trading refund entitlements how to report a scam types of building license

The department of fair trading looks after the rights of consumers and administers fair trading laws. The department of fair trading works to help customers resolve a wide variety of issues. Individuals can obtain information regarding their rights when servicing or buying motor vehicles, renting, shopping etc. They also maintain product standards and safety, provides occupational licensing, promotes co-operatives and registers businesses, provides information regarding the responsibilities and rights of tenants that rent residential property, advises traders on ethical and fair practice.

Informing traders and consumers about their responsibilities and right is an essential part of this work. When a consumers and traders are informed about their rights it gives them the best defense against marketplace scams and allows them to make better purchasing decisions.

How to Make a Complaint about a Trader or Business

The process is free and you can lodge a complaint at you local Fair Trading Center or you can do it online with systematic instructions.

Most Common Complaints
In 2009, the department of fair trading received about 39,970 complaints and the most common concerned:

• White goods and household electrical
• Residential work (Building) to include major renovations
• Used motorcycles and cars
• Goods that include accessories, footwear, and clothing
• Residential tenancy
• Tourism and travel
• Goods that includes Manchester, furnishings, and furniture
• Automotive servicing and repairs
• Household repairs and building trades
• Computer hardware and technology

Workplace Related Information
The fair trading department does not handle areas such as unfair dismissals, awarding wages, and other workplace issues.

Refund Entitlements

An individual is entitles to request a refund from trader if the following is true:
• Items are not merchantable quality which means it does not reach the basic standard of performance and quality that is expected, considering its price, description and other pertinent circumstances.
• The item/items is not the same as the item that was described by a salesperson or in advertising.
• Item does not fit the purpose that was made known to the and the item was received based on the judgment of the trader

A trader is not required to issue a refund if an individual simply changes their mind. Instead of asking for a refund, and individual may want to work it out with the trader to exchange or repair the item.

How to Report a Scam

It is sometimes difficult to track and identify scammers but it is very important the scams be reported. Individuals can check the fair trading department’s list of most common scams or they can report suspected scams to the police department in their state. Scams should be reported to the fair trading department if the incident occurred from a person or business within their state. If the scam occurred in a business from another state or overseas it its recommended to report it to SCAM watch

Owner –Builder Permit Requirement

An individual must apply at any fair trading department and have the following
• Be over 18 years of age
• Own the land or have a set interest in the land, which includes rate of notice or certificate of title.
• Live or have intentions on living in the one dwelling or the completed home of the double occupancy as a main residence.
• Provide a address and description of the planned work with a duplicate of the plans and conforming development certificate number or council development application number.
• If the value of the future work is over the sum of $ 12,000, individuals must have an approved owner-builder course certificate.

Complaints to Fair Trading Home Inspectors

A fair trading inspector cannot make an inspection until after the lodging of a complaint.

Types of Building License

The department of fair trading issues five kinds of home building licences, which are:

1. Individual Contractor license-This allows an individual to be a sole trade
2. Partnership contractor license
3. company contractor license
4. Qualified supervisor certificate or a partnership contractor license -This is for individuals who desire to be a supervisor of a company.
5. Tradesperson certificate-This is a registration in the trades of water plumbing, gas fitting, draining, and plumbing. This certificate allows individuals to work as employees under supervision.

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