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Ucla Basketball Tickets - Purchasing UCLA Basketball Tickets

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If you’re a diehard UCLA Bruins fan, then you will want access to every home game possible; if you’re really into the team, you might think about traveling with them to every away game if you can get cheap tickets. There’s a ton of ways to find UCLA basketball tickets for a discounted price; you just have to know where to look. If you’re looking for a season pass, it might be wise to buy tickets before the season starts. However, if you only want tickets to the rival game, then you can do that simply by searching online for the cheapest ticket possible.

UCLA Website

The first place you want to search for UCLA basketball tickets is the team’s website. The website will have a tickets tab you can click on, which will direct you to the team’s ticket exchange; this is where you can see the team’s schedule and prices for season tickets or individual games. Some people even sell their season tickets on the university’s website, so it would be a good idea to thoroughly investigate the page before committing to anything.

Promotional Offers

If you can’t find decent UCLA basketball tickets on the website, you may want to do a search online for promotional codes. Simply type in the team’s name and promo codes and you will be directed to a list of tickets available from a variety of websites. You may have to sift through the tickets to find the one that has everything you’re looking for, such as price and seating. The ticket may also be limited to a certain game or expire at a specific date, so be aware of that.

Community Websites

Places like Craigslist are another way to find UCLA basketball tickets; this is usually the first place a person will try to sell their tickets. Simply choose your area from a listing of cities in your state and then search for UCLA tickets. People will often sell these tickets for a discounted price and you can purchase them directly from the owner. You can email them through the website, and then personally communicate with them until you have reached an arrangement.

Other places to buy UCLA basketball tickets are trading and auction sites like eBay. Although many people tend to charge more for their tickets on those websites, you may be lucky and find someone willing to part with their tickets for a discounted price. You can always buy a ticket by standing outside the stadium, but you will have to carry cash with you. It’s not always the safest or cheapest way to buy a ticket; however, if you really want to see the game, you might have to pay a little extra for it.

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