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Florida Beach Houses - Facts About Florida Beach Houses

choosing a location choosing a size aesthetics time factors weather considerations

Florida is a popular place to live, as well as vacation. With a never-ending variety of beaches, there are appropriate locations for almost every activity. Florida offers access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the Florida Keys are an attractive destination for both vacationers, and those looking for a permanent residence.

Florida beach houses can be utilized as year-round homes or for temporary residences for vacationing families. In addition, certain individuals use these homes to escape colder areas of the country for the winter months, commonly referred to as “snowbirding.” Most beach homes are designed to offer comfort, as well as safety for families of all sizes, and a wide variety of individual features and characteristics can be found to match the needs of almost anyone.

Most beach homes are situated 500 feet or closer from the water’s edge. In addition, in order to obtain the best panoramic view, most beach houses are built as close to the shore as possible, or high on a bluff which overlooks the ocean. There is potential for harsh weather on most shorelines, however, most beach houses are designed with this unpleasant eventuality in mind. Some are constructed on retaining walls or stilts to prevent the possibility of flood damage, as well as offer protection from seasonal storms or hurricanes.

Choosing a Location

Florida has a variety of beaches and all of them offer something unique. When choosing a beach home, one must consider the characteristics desired by his or her family. Someone whose family is interested in fishing and other water sports may wish to consider a beach home in Key Largo, Siesta Key, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, Crescent Beach, or Panama City. If one enjoys an exciting nightlife, as well as an area that offers cultural diversity, Miami may be an appropriate choice. Those whose interests include snorkeling and scuba diving, may wish to consider a location along the gulf coast, as the water in the Gulf of Mexico is typically warm year-round.

Choosing a Size

Florida beach houses can be found in almost any shape or size one desires. In order to determine the appropriate size when selecting a home, one must consider the needs of his or her family. Just because the information about a particular home states that it will sleep a family of eight, does not necessarily mean that it will sleep such a family comfortably. A person should observe how many beds the home contains, as well as the number of private bedrooms. If the couple has small children, they may wish to find a home with adequate space for playing and indoor activities when inclement weather arises.


When selecting or building a Florida beach home, an important factor to consider are window specifications. Windows are the visual portal to ocean scenery, and other aspects of the landscape. A person may also wish to consider what the exterior living space of the home has to offer, such as a wraparound deck, or patio. For smaller cottage-style beach homes, this is especially important as these features can be used to expand the family’s living space. The there are a large variety of beach house rentals in Florida, and typically start at around 500 square feet of living space, as seen in the aforementioned cottage style homes, to very large beach houses featuring 3000 to 4000 square feet of living space. The main objective should be to find a home in which everyone will be comfortable, without stretching the family budget too far.

Time Factors

Whether one is traveling to the sunshine state on vacation, or taking up permanent residence in Florida, will determine the area that he or she chooses, as well as the cost of the home. For instance, those who vacation in Florida for one or two weeks during peak season, may find themselves paying a higher price than those vacationing in the off season. Snowbirds, who typically rent a beach house for one to three months in non-peak season—November to March—will pay substantially less than those who purchase a summer rental. Those looking for a permanent beach home in Florida will find that prices vary tremendously from location to location, and the size of the home as well as the features it has to offer, will also greatly affect the price.

Weather Considerations

A person should consider the potential for inclement weather, such as seasonal thunderstorms and hurricanes, before choosing a Florida beach house. Most rental agreements do not make provisions for refunds due to canceled plans or property damage that is the result of a hurricane. This is because such events are considered to be acts of God and standard rental insurance companies seldom, if ever, pay out on such claims. Similarly, when one is purchasing a permanent beachfront residence, he or she will want to determine how much hurricane insurance will cost before making a final selection. One must be aware that property insurance for a beachfront home is typically twice as much as that of a similar home that is situated inland.

When shopping for real estate, whether for short-term or long-term objectives, asking the appropriate questions will assist families in finding the Florida Beach House that most closely meets their personal needs.

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