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Ncaa Basketball Schedule - The Truth Behind The NCAA Basketball Schedule

regular season games conference tournament march madness

While the Division I college football schedule somehow decides who will play in the national championship, the NCAA basketball schedule doesn’t really decide who will be champion – it only chooses a team’s ranking. So what does this mean exactly? Well, the regular season almost doesn’t really matter; as long as the team has a winning record and wins more games in its conference than it loses, it’s almost assured a spot in the March Madness playoff tournament. While that statement can easily be argued by fans and players alike, it’s the ability to make the playoffs that really matters.

Regular Season Games

There are approximately thirty games in an NCAA basketball schedule; this also varies based on the team and conference. Sometimes, these games consist of small tournaments at the beginning of the season. Most teams will play a list of non-conference games before really diving into the heart of their schedule. Once a team begins playing conference games, they will play each team twice; these wins and losses dictate a team’s position in the conference standings. If a team loses a majority of their conference games, they will be ranked lower in the standings according to the post-season conference tournament.

Conference Tournament

This is where it gets interesting. Even if a team finishes last in the conference standings, they will still have a chance to play in the conference tournament; of course, the more losses they have, the lower their ranking will be. While it’s rare that a team with a losing record will get far into the conference tournament, it can happen. If that team actually wins the conference tournament, they automatically get a spot in March Madness. How can that be? Well, a conference tournament champion is an automatic qualifier. See, this is the reason the NCAA basketball schedule almost does not matter.

March Madness

Every team is looking to win their NCAA basketball schedule; this is obvious. However, it’s not likely that a team will go undefeated. There are teams who are powerhouses but will still have an off-night, especially when visiting the home court of their rival. Even if a team is ranked number one at the end of the season, they are grouped in with three other number-one teams based on the March Madness seeding. Of course, the number-one seed only has to play a number-16 seed, which means it’s usually a blowout game.

The debate to the NCAA basketball schedule is a tricky one; some will agree with this, others will not. Either way, it always makes for a good conversation when talking with your friends before tip-off.

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