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Hamilton Beach Food Processors - A Guide to Hamilton Beach Food Processors

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For professional chefs and amateurs alike, a food processor is an enormously handy tool to have in the kitchen. Food processors are capable of performing many different tasks that normally would have taken up hours of one’s time. For instance, a food processor can chop up some vegetables, puree some mashed potatoes, or mix together a muffin batter. However, in order for one to receive the most out of his or her food processor, it is vital that one purchases this device from a reputable kitchen appliance brand. Food processors such as those that are produced by Hamilton Beach generally are able to perform a wider range of cooking tasks than their less renowned counterparts. Additionally, Hamilton Beach food processors tend to have a much longer life span than food processors that are not produced by a name brand.

Of course, the brand of a food processor is not the only aspect that one must keep in mind while searching for the ideal food processor. Hamilton Beach produces a number of different models of this appliance, each suited for different cooking purposes. An occasional cook will want to look for very different traits in their food processors than a person who uses this appliance every day. The following descriptions outline Hamilton Beach’s different models of food processors, and will assist all cooks in their search for the perfect kitchen appliance.

Hamilton Beach’s least expensive food processor is its 8-cup, side-bowl model. As opposed to more professional food processors that have appearances akin to that of a blender, this device utilizes a large plastic bowl that is placed to the side of the motor. This design in food processors is usually considered to be less desirable than an upright model due to the fact that side-bowl models take up considerably more counter space. However, Hamilton Beach has taken great pains to make this appliance as space economical as possible, and owners of this device usually have no complaints in regards to its size. This model’s lightweight design makes it easy to stow away, which is an ideal feature for persons who only will use their food processor once in a while. The side-bowl model is dishwasher safe, and its 300-watt motor gives it a surprising amount of power for such an inexpensive appliance. The 8-cup, side-bowl Hamilton Beach food processor is entirely capable of performing basic kitchen tasks.

However, many adventurous home cooks are looking for an appliance that is capable of doing a little bit more. The Hamilton Beach Chef Prep 500 Watt processor would be an ideal choice for these cooks. This model features an upright design and a more powerful motor, allowing more exotic foods to be chopped, pureed, sliced, or shredded. It contains a 10-cup bowl that can process large quantities of foods at the same time. The Hamilton Beach Chef Prep food processor also features some added design benefits, such as a retractable cord for convenient storage. While this food processor can cost up to fifty percent more than Hamilton Beach’s most basic model, it is still entirely affordable for most average American families, and intermediate-level chefs should consider this appliance.

Professional chefs should consider Hamilton Beach’s most high-end food processor designs. While these chefs will surely be outfitted with restaurant quality equipment in their workplace, they will appreciate the convenience of owning a highly enhanced food processor model at home. Hamilton Beach’s most adorned food processor is the Big Mouth Deluxe 14-cup model. This appliance features three processing speeds, enabling chefs to control the stress and pressure that is placed on the cellular structure of the foods that they are preparing. The Big Mouth Deluxe also possesses an extra-large opening on the cover of its plastic processing bowl. This means that chefs can insert whole foods, such as potatoes or cucumbers, directly into the food processor without any prep work. The appliance comes with several interchangeable blades that are suited for different processing purposes; for instance, there is a blade for slicing, a blade for grinding, a blade for shredding, and even a blade specially designed for the preparation for french fries. Although the Big Mouth Deluxe is by far the most expensive food processor produced by Hamilton Beach, its special features will undoubtedly delight professional cooks and advanced home cooks alike.

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