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Car Hire Calgary - What Travelers Need to Know About Car Hire in Calary

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Calgary, Alberta’s largest city, is one of Canada’s most popular cities to visit. Calgary is a mecca for winter sports, offering a variety of beautiful mountain resorts for outdoors-men and sports lovers alike. Unfortunately, due the city’s large size, many travelers find that it can be difficult to get around and properly enjoy the city.

The best way to fully enjoy Calgary is to rent a car. There are a wide variety of companies offering car hire in Calgary, which gives visitors the perfect opportunity to explore the city at their leisure. Hiring a car not only makes it possible to travel the city with ease, but to enjoy the mountainside and beauty of the area.

However, before deciding to rent a car, there are a few things that travelers must know. Car hire in Calgary is a bit different than in other countries, due in large part to the weather, which can get visitors into trouble if they do not know what they’re doing. The first thing that visitors must determine is how they are going to get to the rental service. Currently, there are six rental services that are located at the Calgary airport. These companies are Dollar, Hertz, National, Budget, Avis, and Enterprise. If a visitor is flying into the Calgary airport, these companies are only a short bus trip away.

Before arriving at the airport, it is best to have contacted a rental company and inquired about a car hire. Calgary is a very busy city that sees a lot of tourism, especially in the winter months. If you wait until you arrive to rent a car, your selection may be slim. This leaves many travelers with vehicles that are not well suited for their vacation and the activities they have planned.

Additionally, travelers need to carefully consider what type of vehicle they will need to rent. The winters in Calgary are harsh and the terrain outside of the city is rugged. If you plan on camping, visiting a mountainside resort, or taking part in an outside activity, be sure to choose a vehicle that can handle the winter conditions. Many travelers may not be use to very cold, harsh winters. Larger vehicles, like SUVs, equipped with four wheel drive and GPS, will be the best choice for winter travelers. This is especially true if you will be transporting camping or sports equipment.

When considering car hire in Calgary, many travelers also worry about price. Airfare and accommodations can be expensive, so having to rent a car on top of these expenses can seem very costly. The best advice for budget conscious travelers is to shop around. There are six major car rental companies at the Calgary airport, and numerous smaller companies just a taxi ride away. It is important to compare the prices offered at a number of different companies in order to find a good deal. Many travelers find that the rental companies located in the Calgary airport are more expensive, simply due to its location. Whether the convenience and security of renting from a recognizable name is worth the cost, is largely up to the traveler.

Additionally, when shopping for an inexpensive car hire in Calgary, it is important to understand what is included in the prices that you are offered. Many smaller companies will charge less than the more popular companies, but also include less in the quoted price of the rental. Be sure that you know whether the rental is insured, how many miles the car is allowed to be driven, and if the quoted price of the rental includes all required fees. It is important for travelers to know that the car will be covered in case of an accident, especially for those inexperienced in driving in the snow.

Before booking a car hire in Calgary, it is also important to ensure that you are eligible to rent a car. Many rental companies have a required minimum age, as well as a maximum age. Booking a vehicle will be useless if you are not the correct age. Not to mention that this set back could greatly affect your vacation. Fortunately, when taking the time to shop around and review a company’s policies, renting a car can make your Calgary vacation much more convenient and enjoyable, without going over budget.

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almost 7 years ago

renting a car is a good way to lose money.
a stone chip is considered vehicle damage.
and 500$ deductable is the coverage these weasels sell u .

take a taxi .
looks more $ but cheap[er in the term at any time.