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Taylormade Golf Equipment - How to Buy TaylorMade Golf Equipment

company history and vision unmatched golf club technology

TaylorMade golf equipment is synonymous with quality. Its engineering innovations in the manufacture of its equipment place TaylorMade golf equipment high on the wish list of every golfer.

Company History and Vision

Founded on a dream and a shoestring in 1979 by professional golfer, Gary Adams, TaylorMade golf equipment started production with three employees and one product. That one product, though, was an innovation based on a hunch. Gary Adams believed that the “new” two-piece golf balls performed better against iron than they did against wood. Adams was determined to design a “wood” of metal. The result was the “Pittsburgh Persimmon” – a steel club head that quickly gained popularity. In 1981, the metalwood Pittsburgh Persimmon won its first PGA Tour event. By this time, TaylorMade produced a complete line of metalwoods, had introduced a series of irons, and was already reaching sales in excess of one million dollars. By the late 1980s, more professional golfers use TaylorMade products while on tour than any other brand. In the early 1990s, TaylorMade golf equipment expands into Great Britain and Japan. In the late 1990s, TaylorMade incorporated titanium into its golf equipment. At the same time, it created the first golf clubs designed specifically for children to introduce them into the sport.

Unmatched Golf Club Technology

Several different types of technology combine to create the excellent performance found in TaylorMade drivers. Flight Control Technology enables the player to adjust the accuracy of his shot. Its innovative metallic sleeve can be rotated to suit the needs of the player. He need only loosen the bolt that holds the metallic sleeve and shaft to change the rotation of the club head. Movable Weight Technology allows the play to redistribute the weight of the club head. Additional weight at the head of the club speeds its rotation on the forward swing, reducing the chance of slicing the ball. Superfast Technology for Burner golf clubs increases a shot’s distance by as much as five yards. The shafts are lighter and longer than on other clubs. The grips are larger, and the club heads more forgiving to achieve a higher launch angle and lower spin-rates. Inverted Cone Technology is milled directly into the face of the club, optimizing impact. Dual Crown Technology combines a noticeably small crown on top of a large base for increased carry and distance.

Online and Offline Product Purchase Options

TaylorMade golf equipment can be purchased directly through TaylorMade or through authorized distributors. Using a TaylorMade authorized distributor has a number of advantages. As a golfer, whether a hobbyist or serious part-timer, one’s golf club is an extension of his arm. As such, he needs a club that fits his swing and his body. Authorized TaylorMade distributors offer players the opportunity to try out a club prior to purchase. It may well be the case that an older TaylorMade product suits his needs better than the latest technology. Without test swinging the clubs, he may well purchase a club with which he will not be happy. Using the official website ensures that a golfer receives a true TaylorMade product. It also offers previews of new technologies and advances. However, not every golfer has the budget of Tiger Woods with which to purchase equipment. For golfers on a budget, numerous other outlets offer TaylorMade golf equipment at affordable prices.

For those golfers who are not married to using the latest and greatest equipment on the golf scene, a discount outlet store may provide the clubs for which he is searching. Even backed by the solid reputation of TaylorMade, not every golf club is sold before new technology renders it obsolete. Discount outlet stores offer golfers the opportunity to purchase new TaylorMade golf equipment at significantly reduced prices.
Because of its high quality, TaylorMade golf equipment retains a fairly high re-sale value. This re-sale value is affected somewhat by the frequency with which TaylorMade introduces new technology, making it possible for an average player to purchase used equipment at a reasonable price. The used equipment is a generation or two behind the clubs seen at major golfing events. However, even older TaylorMade golf equipment stands heads and shoulders above other brands of the same age.

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