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Ncaa Basketball Brackets - Tips in Filling Out NCAA Basketball Brackets

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Every March one of the most popular sporting events in the world is the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, which features 65 teams playing in a single-elimination tournament over the course of just a few weeks. Prior to the tournament, many people choose to join groups of people in filling out their projections for how the tournament will fill out. While filling out the NCAA basketball brackets can be difficult, those who win stand to win a lot of money. There are various tips which could help you fill out your NCAA basketball brackets successfully.

The first tip in filling out NCAA basketball brackets is to base your selection on which teams are led by the best players. The level of skill and talent between college basketball players can range significantly. Those players which are future NBA players are often playing with and against players that are not nearly as good. Because of this, the best players can easily dominate a game, and carry their team to victory. Picking the teams which are lead by the best players in the country to make the elite eight and final four could help you succeed in your pool.

The second tip in filling out NCAA basketball brackets is to pick teams that are led by seniors. Each year a few smaller, less reputable schools do well in the tournament and beat some of the national powerhouses. These teams are almost always led by a group seniors that have been playing together for four years, and have great chemistry on the court. While these teams may enter a game as an underdog, they actually have a good chance of beating any other team in the country on any given game.

The third tip in filling out NCAA basketball brackets is to choose teams that are great at defense. While many people watch basketball to see the highlight dunks and outstanding shooting, it is the teams that are best at defense that do very well in the tournament. Teams that allow a limited amount of points throughout the year are often able to slow down any prolific offense, regardless of how talented or powerful they may be. It would also be a good idea to look for teams that have good outside shooters, and handle the ball well on the offensive side. Selecting a team that can hit the three point shot, play great defense, and does not give up many turnovers, will help you do well in your bracket pool.

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