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Travel Lodge Uk - What to Consider When Choosing a Travel Lodge in UK

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Going on holiday in the United Kingdom is a fulfilling experience as there are a lot of sites to see and a variety of fun activities that will keep you occupied during your trip. One of the major things you have to consider when planning your trip is where you will stay. There are a variety of accommodation options in UK including inns, hotels, hostels, B&Bs, villas, cottages, lodges among others.

Lodges are a good option for those on a business trip and will not be visiting for long. Before you choose a travel lodge in UK, you have to consider a number of things for you to get value for your money. Below are some of the things you should put in mind:

a) Location of the lodge.
If you will be attending a business conference in one of the cities in UK, consider the location of the lodge you want to book. You do not want to have difficulties locating or commuting to your meeting venue.

Use the internet to find lodges that are near the venue of your business meeting. Use a mapping application like Google Maps to locate lodges around the areas and know the roads you will use to get to your meeting venue.

On the other hand, you may wish to get a lodge that is near the business center of the town. This is especially true if you will have other things you would like to do in the city. Determine which lodge will be best for you according to your preferences by checking their location on Google Maps or other satellite imaging systems.

b) Rates of the lodge.
When choosing a travel lodge UK, it is important to consider the rates at which accommodation is offered. Lodges can be a bit pricey and you may have to call a few of them to find know their prices.

When you have found a lodge where you would like to stay, you can bargain for better rates. For instance, if you know one of the lodge’s competitors is offering accommodation at a lower cost, let the manager know this. He will either match the price or offer you a lower rate.

You can also use the internet to find the rates of different lodges. Visit the lodge’s website to know the rates or use aggregator and price scan websites to compare rates of different lodges in the city you will be visiting.

c) Customer service.
Customer service is another thing you should consider when looking for a travel lodge in UK. Ask around from your family members, friends and colleagues about their experience in different lodges in the country. Customers give unbiased testimonials about the service offered by lodges and will not hesitate to tell you the truth about what they experienced.

If none of your friends has booked accommodation at a travel lodge UK before, check what other travelers are saying about the lodge on the internet. Visit travel authority websites such as TripAdvisor and check the reviews of the lodge.

If you have found a lodge whose rates are cheap, do not immediately make your reservation. Read reviews of the lodge to gauge the caliber or service offered there.

d) Type of accommodation.
You have to consider the type of accommodation you want when you are looking for a travel lodge in UK. How many people will be staying in the lodge? What kind of bed do you prefer? Are there beds for kids? Are there special amenities for those who are disabled? These are some of the things you should consider before you make a reservation.

The different accommodation options come at different prices and you may have to pay extra for some add-ons. Find out from the lodge representative how your rates will change across different options.

The above are four important factors you should consider when choosing a travel lodge in UK. It is important to strike a balance between the above factors in order to get value for you r money. To get the right accommodation, make sure you carry out research and book in advance in order to avoid last minute disappointments.

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