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Women's Leather Coats - Women's Leather Coats - From The Back To The Rack

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Most women consider leather clothing a luxury. Items such as pants, vests, boots, and gloves are quite popular. Fifty percent of women probably own a leather coat. Leather comes in many different forms based on tanning method. Most wearable leather comes from cows and sheep.

Types of Leather

1. Sheep/Lamb/Calf leather is usually very soft and supple. Leather from these animals is skin.
The properties of leather allow for detail and draping. These garment’s prices are at the higher end of the scale.

2. Cow/Horse/Buffalo leather is stiff and durable. This is called hide. Historically, suits of armor were constructed with this type of leather.

Leather Tanning

1. Tanning is the final process that takes those skins /hides and turns them into wearable leather.

2. The most commonly used method is chrome tanning. Most women’s apparel such as shoe uppers, leather coats, and handbags use chrome-tanned leather.

3. Vegetable tanned leather is a little more rugged and used in soles of shoes, saddles, luggage, and belts. Those items require more durable leather than apparel.

Leather Processing

1. Once the tanning is complete, there are several more steps prior to the finished product.

2. The intended use of the leather determines its thickness. Tanned skins are split into sheets then shaved resulting in a higher quality product.

3. The next step is removing the excess moisture. Again, the finished product determines the method.

4. Softening the leather is the final step after drying. Drying is commonly done mechanically using a tumbling method and atomized liquid injected into the machine.

Leather Finishing

1. At this point, in leather processing you would add coatings, color, and embellishments.

2. To achieve the final finish, leather coats are coated with specific treatments.
The use of vinyl coatings results in patent leather. Other dyes and resins will produce a variety of looks.

3. Embossing, embroidering, and other decorative touches are what make leather so versatile.

Leather apparel

1. The finished leather product will determine how it is used. Soft, comfortable leather is commonly used for women’s leather coats, pants, and vests. This is more of a fashion statement.

2. Some women need a thicker leather coat for protection. Any type of motorsport will require a more durable garment to protect the skin and reduce wind chill.

When shopping for a style of leather coat, some classics come to mind.

One of the most popular jackets is the bomber. This jacket kept pilots warm in unheated cockpits. This style became popular with civilians after World War II. It continues to be one of the best selling styles today. Thrift stores are a good place to shop if you are looking for an original.

A nice choice for women is a classic blazer. This coat in leather is a bit dressier than a bomber jacket. Commonly constructed from lambskin it is comfortable yet fashionable. Although it is at the upper end pricewise, it is a versatile piece that looks great with a skirt at the office or a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

For the more adventurous woman, there is the rocker or motorcycle jacket. This is a close fitting, waist length jacket made of durable hide. Warmth and protection are two key functions of this jacket.

The classic barn jacket is a great choice for those country girls. These are mid-length jackets, usually lined with fleece or flannel and a great, casual look for those chilly fall days.

Another style conscious leather coat is the trench coat. There are many variations of this coat and anyone can find a figure-flattering trench. This is one coat that never goes out of style.

The choice of leather coats is infinite. We hope our women readers find the information in this article helpful in determining the best finish and style for you.

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