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Infocus Replacement Lamps - Businesses Save Time and Money Using Video Projector Infocus Replacement Lamps

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Video projectors have been widely used for many years in businesses to assist with presentations at conferences and other meetings, and in classroom settings. They function by using a video signal from a computer or video player to project images onto a screen using a combination of a lens and a lamp that uses a very bright light. In the past, when problems were experienced with the projection of text and images while using projectors, panic prevailed at the thought of having to buy a new projector. There was tremendous relief felt when it was realized that purchasing and installing a replacement lamp, instead of having to purchase an entire projector, was the solution.

Once it‘s determined that the lamp life has expired, InFocus Corporation stands ready to supply infocus replacement lamps for DLP and LCD projectors. After 20 years in the business, InFocus Corporation has become an international leader in the digital projection industry. Infocus replacement lamps have a lamp life from 1500 to 4000 hours and their products are used in a large variety of projector models. In addition to the sale of infocus replacement lamps, InFocus has a support system and FAQ section to assist customers with matters such as how to maximize lamp life, how to determine the number of lamp hours used, maintenance, and how to order, install or replace infocus replacement lamps. They have sponsored numerous promotions, some of which have included rebates and free spare replacement lamps. Anyone wishing to check their current promotions and FAQ section should visit their website at www.infocus.com.

Projector lamp replacements (also known as projector light bulbs or simply projector bulbs) are now known to be one of the first things to check for when problems are experienced with projectors. Customers must be sure, however, that the projector bulb purchased is the same as the projector bulb being replaced as each projector uses its own uniquely designed bulb and specific amount of wattage. It’s because of these particulars that customers are advised not to purchase used or refurbished projector bulbs as the overall value will be significantly reduced. Since InFocus has numerous suppliers that sell their infocus replacement lamps and lamps that are compatible with the InFocus projectors, customers should shop around to find the best prices. Pricing for an infocus replacement lamp is within the range of $150 – $500. If someone considers this pricing to be excessive, an alternative would be to search for an InFocus projector that uses the less expensive replacement lamps. Another word of advice is to learn exactly which type of projector bulb is used as soon as the new projector is received. If this information is known prior to bulb expiration, time will be saved and there will be less confusion and frustration when it becomes necessary to purchase the replacement lamp.

One final point is to consider whether it’s best to purchase an OEM or “genuine” replacement lamp or an OEM compatible replacement lamp. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” which means that the projector lamp is made by the manufacturer of the projector and it’s guaranteed that the lamp design will be of superior quality and match perfectly with the projector. The disadvantages of OEM products are they’re more expensive to produce leading to higher consumer costs, and the availability of inventory and stock can be an issue. On the other hand, OEM compatible products are manufactured by various companies that produce close copies of a variety of projector lamps. The disadvantages of OEM compatible products are there are variations on the life of the lamp and because they’re copies as opposed to the real thing, there could be other problems as well. Thus, consumers could end up paying more over time with the purchase of multiple replacements.

Infocus replacement lamps are available in OEM and OEM compatible products. Although purchasing OEM products may be best in the long run, sometimes circumstances can make the purchase of OEM compatible products a more suitable choice. Therefore, it would be wise to research statistics on both types of products.

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