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Florida Retirement Homes - Why Many Choose Florida Retirement Homes

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The state of Florida tops the list of retirement destinations in the United States. As early as the 1920’s people from colder states come here to enjoy their retirement years. Nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida has a generally pleasant weather all year. The northern and central regions experience subtropical weather while the south is tropical. A huge majority flock to the south where summers can reach up to 90ºF while winter temperatures average at 60ºF.

Aside from the good weather, there are also other benefits from living here that makes for a convenient lifestyle for senior citizens. To start with, residents don’t pay the state personal income tax. Add that to low sales, corporate, and property taxes, Florida retirement homes are indeed appealing.

While the prices of retirement homes in Florida are normally below the national average, individual home prices will naturally differ depending on the type of retirement home one is getting. The price will also be dictated by its location in the state. As a general rule of thumb, the closer a property is to the coastal areas, the higher the price. Thus, retirement homes located in central Florida generally have lower prices.

There are many types of Florida retirement homes. Depending on each person’s needs and preferences, one can choose from single-family homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, townhouses, villas, condominiums, or luxury high-rises. A lot of active retirees choose to buy a retirement home in a retirement community. There are several categories of these communities as well, such as 55+ crowd communities, golf course communities, age-restricted retirement communities, or all-ages active adult communities.

These are usually self-sustaining communities with retail establishments, restaurants, banks, worship centers, movie theaters, library and a hospital. They further feature amenities, facilities, and recreation that provide several activity choices for those who are retired but want to remain active.

Residents of these communities usually engage in sports such as golf, swimming, tennis, biking, basketball, volleyball and bowling. Some Florida retirement homes even come with polo fields. Community social clubs and societies also provide a variety of things to do such as bingo, mahjong, chess, tai chi, dancing, photography and writing. Some communities also offer classes in woodworking, ceramics, sewing, and pottery. Support groups are also provided such as those who need help in dealing with alcohol, cancer, divorce, Alzheimer’s, gambling, heart problems, diabetes, and weight management.

There are also Florida retirement homes that offer assisted living. In this type of home, a resident will have his own semi or fully furnished room in a house shared with other seniors. What residents can expect from assisted living retirement homes are 24-hour personal care and medication assistance from licensed staff, planned daily activities, an exercise program, meals and snacks, laundry and housekeeping. Entertainment is also provided such as television, games, and Internet connection. These homes offer flexible visiting hours for family and are located minutes away from a medical facility.

The Florida Agency For Health Care Administration website is a good place to start when looking for Florida retirement homes. The site provides a comprehensive list of communities and assisted living facilities. Each home’s description comes with a star ranking based on inspection results and performance. It will also indicate if the community or home is included in the Nursing Home Watch List, wherein homes and communities operating under bankruptcy and those who have failed to meet health and safety standards are listed. Aside from doing an online search, getting the services from a local real estate agent will also be helpful in choosing Florida retirement homes.

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