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1 18 Diecast Cars - Collecting 1:18 Diecast Cars

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People collect things for a number of different reasons. Some collectors have a nostalgic attachment to certain collectible items or the toys of their youth. For them, collecting is a fun hobby that brings them back to their childhood. Other collectors may be fascinated by cars, trains, or a specific historical period. These collectors may look for items that remind them of their interests. Then there are collectors who see their collections as a financial investment. They may still choose to purchase items they enjoy owning or displaying, or they may simply purchase collectibles that they believe will grow in value more than others.

Diecast car collectors fall into all of these categories and more. Many collectors would describe themselves as belonging to more than one category. Some are car enthusiasts who enjoy model cars, but also hope to sell their collections for a profit one day. A lot of them may have started collecting toy cars as a kid from such popular brands as Hotwheels and Matchbox. These brands are known for their small 1:62 scale cars. As collectors get older, they often still enjoy adding cars to their collection. But as they age, they are able to spend more on their hobby and purchase larger, more-detailed, and pricier models.

Diecast cars come in a wide array of sizes with 1:18, 1:24, and 1:64 being among the most popular. The scale numbers represent the model’s size in relation to the real thing. 1:18 means that if you took a full-size vehicle and divided it into eighteen parts, one part would be equal to the size of the diecast car. Or, to put it another way, every one inch of a 1:18 diecast car will represent eighteen inches of the real full-sized vehicle.

Choosing the size of cars to purchase is the first choice all collectors must make. But first time collectors shouldn’t feel the need to limit themselves to just one scale size. How you plan on storing or displaying your diecast collection will play heavily into what sizes you want to purchase. Price also plays a part in this decision as the larger cars cost more. Some collectors prefer to collect the smaller scales so that they can have more models for a lower price, and more room to store them. Other collectors enjoy the intricate details and realistic look of the bigger models, such as the 1:18 diecast cars. Larger scales are also known for rising in value more than others. 1:18 diecast cars enjoy a large market of prospective buyers for those looking to make money from their investments.

The 1:18 diecast car market has numerous manufacturers. Potential collectors can find replicas of famous movie cars, Nascar stock cars, Formula-1 racers, classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. Race cars and movie vehicles are great collectibles if you’re looking for good resale value. Most collectors just purchase what they like. Some choose to only own their favorite automobile brand such as Ford or Chevy. Others may only collect movie vehicles or car replicas from a specific period in history. Diecast vehicles also come in the form of tractors and other farm equipment, military, and emergency vehicles. Some of the top current brands include Johnny Lightning, Lane, Ertl Diecast, and American Muscle.

When it comes time to make a purchase, collectors have many options. Many 1:18 diecast cars can be found right in your local toy stores, department stores, and hobby shops. Online auction sites, garage sales, and flea markets are great places to find older collectibles. The more details and features a model has, the more it will be worth in the future. Many 1:18 diecast cars have opening doors, hoods, and trunks, and feature highly-detailed engines and interiors. Some even feature sounds and working headlights. When purchasing used, older models, make sure the wheels roll smoothly and all hinges work properly. Look for cars with good paint applications and no wear or rust. When it comes to storing your collection, try to find places where the temperature doesn’t vary a lot or reach extremes. Acrylic cases are great for storing your 1:18 diecast cars and displaying them at the same time.

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