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Department Motor Vehicles - The Department Of Motor Vehicles Does Much More Than Just Issuing A Driver's License

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The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is not high up on anyone’s list of desired places to spend time.

Yet it is one of the most necessary government departments to have in existence, as without its presence there would be no cars on the road and thus the ability to drive would disappear for the public.

Unfortunately there are many folks who are under the misconception that the Department of Motor Vehicles only cares about collecting yearly registration fees and issuing driver’s licenses to the newly turned sixteen year old group.

What other functions does the DMV provide to the individuals who go there?

Registering to vote is one of the biggest aspects of government taken care of by this institution. As such, forms are available to all DMV customers who have not already signed up for the ability to vote in the next local, city, state, and national elections.

The most common form of identification a person will carry on his person is his driver’s license. On the other hand, there are many individuals who don’t have their license and hence no way to show who they are if the need to present identification just happens to arise. The Department of Motor Vehicles offers what is called a “state-issued identification card,” which is similar in looks to a driver’s license but says “State ID” on it in place of “State Driver’s License.”

Next, the Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for putting out the yearly Driver’s Handbook which spells out each and every law having to do with driving. Illustrations even follow along with the text to help drivers better understand what is expected of them as they travel the roads of their choice.

The Driver’s Handbook also has another function, as it is the material upon which the test is based that people must pass in order to either renew their driver’s license, or be rewarded with their learner’s permit if not of age quite yet for a license. And, the employees of the DMV are also in charge of scoring the tests and then inputting into the records the names of the people who have either passed or not passed the examination.

Keeping detailed records of the drivers on the streets is another project tasked out to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Each driver must be equipped with the proper amount of insurance or else that person is breaking the law while behind the wheel. However, this is only one piece of the information kept in the DMV file about a driver. The rest of the information on the list includes his age, weight, height, hair color, eye color, current residential address, how many accidents he or she has been in, the nature of said accidents and which party was at fault, the amount of damage to the car, and what kind of insurance the person now carries as a result of the collision. In addition, details are kept about a person’s prior arrests.

Many companies that are either just starting out or who need additional names on their list of individuals to advertise to will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to order a mailing list comprised of all the people in a given area. Similarly, it is the list of people in the DMV’s broad database who are summoned for jury duty so they can perform their civic duty to mankind.

Last but certainly not least, the Department of Motor Vehicles holds the fate of future drivers in its hands as its officials decide whether or not a person has passed the behind the wheel test and deserves to hold a driver’s license in hand.

These examiners regrettably have to suffer the negative position of knowing they are not the most popular employee at the DMV as far as the potential licensee is concerned. But the tester does not get nearly enough credit, as he is the one who has to sit in an accident more often than the average driver as he evaluates the abilities of the person he is rating.

As can easily be seen, the Department of Motor Vehicles has many activities on its list that are not even related to driving!

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