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Ncaa Basketball Shorts - The Debate Between Short and Long NCAA Basketball Shorts

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NCAA basketball shorts have changed quite a bit over the years and have worked their way into the modern fashion mainstream. While the earliest basketball shorts were cut just below the buttocks, modern basketball shorts resemble baggy high-water pants that end just above the ankle. Like most things, these shorts have evolved based on certain elements, such as more lenient NCAA rules or street-styles that have seeped their way into college basketball. Because basketball shorts are made of thin, stretchy material, they are comfortable to wear and hot air escapes easily.

Another reason for long NCAA basketball shorts is that basketball players tend to have really skinny legs; by wearing longer shorts, they are able to conceal their legs, as well as those knobby knees that pop in and out as they run down the court. Perhaps these shorts would begin to shrink in size if basketball players would work on their lower body as much as they do their biceps. If you have noticed, shorts have become baggier and longer, while the shirts have become tighter and reveal more of the arm.

NCAA basketball shorts aren’t reserved for college players; they are also sold to the general public either in retail stores or various online websites. Some basketball shorts do not have the NCAA logo, nor are they endorsed by the association; however, you can purchase your favorite team’s basketball shorts from either the college’s website or a retailer in your city that carries NCAA registered apparel.

Some people argue that longer NCAA basketball shorts makes players look like hooligans, especially when mixed with tattoos and poor English speaking skills during interviews. However, the other half of the argument is that short and tight basketball shorts restrict movement and don’t allow a player the flexibility they need on the court.

Some NCAA basketball shorts aren’t as baggy as others; in fact, a few teams have adopted tighter jerseys and less baggy shorts that fall just above the knee. These can also be purchased from any online retailer or college website’s store. With 150 schools in the NCAA Division I, there are so many different basketball shorts to choose from, that you could wear a different pair every day for half a year. These shorts are relatively inexpensive and online shops offer various sales on a team’s apparel almost every week. During the NCAA basketball season, look for these shorts to become one of the best-selling items on the internet.

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