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Home Projector Screen - Tips on Choosing a Home Projector Screen

screens gain theater size

Home projector screens have come a long way from the simple old school pull down and roll up models. As the trend of bigger and better home theater systems continues, choosing the perfect home projector screen is important.

Before you figure out where to find the best home projector screens, there are lots of questions you need to answer. What type of mount will work best? What kind of fabric do you want? What is the recommended size for the screen? Is there any maintenance or cleaning needed? What’s the price range for home projector screens? All of the answers depend on your circumstances and compatibility with your home theater system.

The type of projector screen you buy for your home theater will depend on the location in your home. If your home theater will be part of a rec room, bar or other shared space then you probably want to spend the money to make the screen disappear when not in use. A retractable screen will cost more but it will allow you to have a multi-purpose room. Ideally, a motorized screen is within your means. If not, there are retractable screens available in manual versions. If you have an exclusive home theater then you can opt for a wall-mounted screen for less money. A wall screen can be permanently attached to a frame for convenience.

Like most types of equipment, home projector screens range in price from budget to high end. The type of fabric you choose along with your viewing expectations will influence the final cost. It all comes down to gain. Regarding home projector screens, gain simply means the amount of light and its variations on the screen. The best scenario is a no gain screen. No gain means that all parts of the projector screen will show the same quality picture. Whether a viewer watches from the corner of the room or front and center, the picture will be uniform. A higher gain screen will look clear and bright to people in the middle of the room, but darker for those seated on the sides of a room. It all depends on the room you are using.

Home projector screen brands offer a variety of fabrics and gain numbers. Several companies sell home projector screens on line and in electronic stores. Check into different brands to match your needs. For example, if you plan to use a permanent wall mount, the projector screen is more likely to be damaged so you might decide to spend less. Maintenance will also be a factor. Some home projector screens are easily wiped off with soap and water while others are not as durable.

The size of the projector screen you need for your home is another important detail. There are some general rules regarding the appropriate size screen for the size of the room and the distance between seating and the screen. The bottom line when it comes to screen size is really a matter of personal preference. Be cautious of sitting too close to a huge screen. You eyes won’t be able to take in all of the action. In addition, it could become physically uncomfortable to sit for a long period of time with you head tipped back.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions on your projector to find recommendations regarding aspects of your projector screen. There are several companies who make quality home projector screens. If you plan to browse to research your options, start with brands like VUTEC, Inc. or Stewart Filmscreen and look for the features that best suit your needs.

The days of pointing a projector at a bare wall to watch a film are long gone. Today’s home theater set ups can rival professional quality viewing. If you want to enjoy more sophisticated features involving certain fabrics and how the fabric impacts light and sound, then you should expect to pay more.

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