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Palm Beach Motels - How to Find the Best and Most Affordable Palm Beach Motels

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Palm Beach, also known as Palm Beach Island, is one of Florida’s most beautiful vacation spots. Palm beach is a barrier island, connected to the Floridian cities of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach by the Intracoastal Waterway. This barrier island is surrounded on all side by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, making it a popular and unique vacation destination. Due to it’s popularity, many travelers wonder how they can find the best and most budget friendly Palm Beach motels, in order to save money on their next vacation.

One of the best ways to get a good deal on one of the Palm Beach motels is to book your room early. Once you determine what dates you will be staying, immediately book your room. This is especially important if you are planning on visiting Palm Beach during the summer and popular spring break periods, as these are the most popular seasons. Motel rates will increase during these times and booking a room early may save a significant amount of money on the price of your room.

Another way to save on Palm Beach motels is to check for promotions or possible discounts. Many organizations, like AAA, USAA, and AARP, offer their members discounts on many popular motel chains. Some popular motel chains will even offer discounts to customers that “follow” them on Twitter or “like” them on Facebook. While many consumers are not aware of these frequent discounts, they are good options to explore.

Before booking one of the Palm Beach motels, it is also important to check the different motels’ official websites. Many popular motels will advertise discounts to customers that they may not otherwise be aware of. Additionally, a number of motels, like the Palm Beach Fairfield Inn & Suites, offer rewards programs that customers can take advantage of in order to obtain discounts and other deals. Even if these programs do not offer immediate discounts, joining may earn you rewards in the future.

When searching for Palm Beach motels, it is also advisable to search online for great deals. Many websites, like Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline, offer low prices on many of the motels located in Palm Beach. Many times, these services offer further savings simply for booking rooms online and purchasing other travel necessities, like car rentals and airfare, when booking motel rooms. This can significantly reduce the overall price of a vacation, while making vacation planning much easier and more convenient.

Furthermore, before booking a Palm Beach motel, it is important that the specific motel will meet your needs. If you want to stay at a motel with a pool, free breakfast, wireless internet, or other amenities, make sure that the motel you choose offers these services. It is also important to know exactly where the motel is located. If you would prefer to stay close to the beach, be sure that the motel you choose is in a suitable location. It is important to not only choose a motel by it’s price, but by the overall experience that it will provide. Not every motel will offer the same amenities and most travelers would rather not be unpleasantly surprised.

The last way to find the best and most affordable Palm Beach motels is to take the time to call a few different motels. Inquire as to whether they are currently offering any special prices or discounts. If you are planning to stay in the off season, like the winter or fall, or in a large group, you will be at a great advantage when asking for a deal. Many Palm Beach motels will be willing to offer special upgrades or discounts to those booking rooms in slow periods or purchasing multiple rooms. Also, when checking in to your room, remember to ask the motel clerk whether they have any available upgrades. While many consumers may feel uncomfortable doing so, most would be surprised at what they are offered when they only take the time to ask.

Planning a Palm Beach vacation can sometimes seem like hard work. However, while travel expenses, transportation, and entertainment can be expensive, accommodations certainly don’t have to be. When searching for Palm Beach motels, be sure to do your research, shop around, and be willing to ask for freebies, in order to get the best rooms and prices.

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