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Miami Beach Condominiums - Miami Beach Condominiums For Sale

buying miami beach condominiums planning ahead hire a condo agent persistence when researching conclusion

Miami Beach is one of the most visited areas in the United States. Many people decide to move to the Miami area because of the warm year-round climate, and the amenities that the city has to offer. When considering the purchase of a home, a Miami Beach Condominium may be the best option. They are just as spacious and offer many of the same luxury features as a house, but are usually more affordably priced.

The most popular areas to purchase a condo are the South Beach district. It was the original tourist area and is now a historical district. Many tourists call this area “home” while on vacation. There are several luxury high-rise condominiums; and the area offers many entertainment, food, and shopping venues.

Aggressive construction of new condominiums high-rise buildings has increased the condo housing market by one-third. Also, many apartment owners have transformed their flats into condos. The increase is driven not only by a high demand for condo living, but investors are very interested in the housing market. Miami Beach condominiums are a good investment.

Miami is the fastest growing city in Florida, which encourages investors looking for deals that will give them a profitable return. The year-round warm climate encourages people from the northern states to relocate, and a Miami Beach condo offers easy beach access; and, breathtaking views of the ocean from the living room.

On the down side, a Miami Beach condo usually sells for $500,000.00, and often takes over one hundred fifty days to sell.

Many of the condos are owned by absentee owners who live in another state or country. Since they only live in the Miami Beach area for a few weeks out of the year, most are renting their condos to other vacationers the rest of the year.

Buying Miami Beach Condominiums

Miami is a large city of approximately one-half million people. It has a strong Cuban culture, but welcomes a diverse population from all over the world. The cost of living in Florida is a bit higher than other parts of the country, however, with the recent downturn in the real estate market, now is a good time to search for a bargain.

No matter how the market may fluctuate, Miami Beach condominiums are a good investment. Prices can range from the very affordable, if you are willing to give up some of the luxury amenities, to the millions of dollars for some of the prime locations.

Planning Ahead

Before you decide to purchase a home, it is a good idea to write down your specific goals, your budget, and the things you have to have when you begin your search. Having a specific plan in mind can narrow your search and save hours of frustration visiting properties trying to make up your mind.

List your motives to move into the Miami Beach area and why you specifically want to purchase a condo.

Hire a Condo Agent

Most, if not all, real estate agents specialize in a specific type of home. The laws governing the sale and purchase of condos can lead to nightmares if you have hired an agent who doesn’t know the fine details of this type of property. It is best to have an experienced agent who is apt at condominium sales to guide you through the process and pinpoint the many details.

Persistence When Researching

The homeowners association in any Miami Beach Condominium complex can be the cause of many financial headaches for the homeowner. Before you choose a building, make sure you know everything about the managing body. Ask to see the minutes of their meetings, the financial records, and the maintenance fund should have enough saved to cover the necessities of the entire building.


Moving to Miami Beach and buying or renting a condo either to live full time or just during certain times of the year, the process can be both fun and scary. Do your homework, plan your budget, and decide what kind of a home you actually need and can afford. Purchasing a Miami Beach condominium instead of a traditional home, will give you considerably more room for the same amount of money. However, the homeowner’s association fees can be stressful if you do not plan it into your budget.

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