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Nova Development Software - A Guide to Nova Development Software

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Nova Development Software was founded in 1984 by Roger Bloxberg and Todd Helfstein in Calabasas, California, which is ten miles inland from Malibu and famed Highway 101. Nova develops and publishes software for consumer and small business computers and, along the way, has built a reputation for innovative software programs with enriched content. Nova has subsequently become a category leader with more than a dozen of its product lines and, with more than 70 titles, provides software for both PC and Macintosh computers.

Domestic distribution channels include large chain retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, such as office supply, consumer electronics, software specialty and computer stores; and Nova products can also be purchased through mail order catalogs and top e-tailers. Internationally, a network of authorized distributors markets Nova products, with products being sold in English and other broad-based foreign languages.

Nova’s marketing effort also shows in its packaging work. Through innovative design and imaginative package construction, Nova has been able to create “shelf space” for its products, and has also garnered numerous industry awards.

In January of 2007, Nova was acquired by Avanquest Software in a cash and securities deal amounting to $48 million. Avanquest Software, which was founded by Bruno Vanryb and Roger Politis (also in 1984), has its global headquarters in Paris, France. Avanquest both develops and publishes personal and professional software which supports communications, utilities, office productivity and mobility sectors worldwide. In its other business role, Avanquest also provides global software distribution services to small and mid-sized developers. Therefore, as an international distribution presence, Avanquest Group, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., has built a marketing network in more than 100 countries through IT resellers, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brand deals, and e-commerce. By creating marketing relationships worldwide, Avanquest feels it can better serve its client base, partially by advising on local market issues.

Nova’s merger with Avanquest enabled it to become one of the top five consumer software publishers—with the exception of Microsoft—in the U.S. Prior to its merger with Avanquest, 2006 total sales for Nova totalled $32 million. Nova’s founder Bloxberg became CEO of Avanquest North America, and founder Helfstein became president of Avanquest North America. Product offerings include digital photo management, scrapbooking, clip art, and ringtones.

Categories in which Nova publish include home publishing, digital imaging, home design, language learning, and kids’ software. Across the board, however, Nova enjoys a reputation for introducing new technologies aimed at steadily expanding the possibilities for desktop computers, and for a variety of needs.

Nova is currently the number one publisher of home graphics software titles, such as Print Artist Platinum, the Art Explosion clip art line, and Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. Such products feature customizable tools and content to enrich a user’s creative projects.

For more than five years, Nova has been the number one publisher of consumer photo editing software. The top seller Photo Explosion enables the consumer to completely organize, edit and share photos with one simple-to-use application.

Nova’s ability to partner with leaders in other industries has shone in at least three other categories, as well. For instance, Nova has created a platform for Hallmark Card Studio and, in its 2011 release, makes possible not only more creative possibilities, but also enables an easy interface with social media networks.

When Nova partnered with HGTV to create a line of home design software, this innovative approach allowed for both logistical and aesthetic needs to be met, whether engaged in a new design or a remodeling job. And for an added bonus feature? This software offers expert advice to ensure the job gets done right.

With over 125 years in the business of teaching foreign languages, Berlitz teamed up with Nova to bring its brand of language instruction, which it sells as “fast, easy, and effective,” to the computer screen. Touted as moving beyond a mere collection of vocabulary words, the software of Berlitz Premier offers language skill enhancement in Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Nova also provides software learning capability for the younger set with products featuring brands such as Sesame Street, Elmo’s World, Barney, Dora the Explorer, and Go Diego Go, and does so with both PC and Macintosh versions.

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