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Norwegian Cruise Ship - Selecting a Norwegian Cruise Ship

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There is no more relaxing and rewarding vacation experience than going on a cruise. One of the best cruise lines to choose is Norwegian Cruise Lines. Their Norwegian Cruise Ships are known for providing what they term Freestyle Cruising. Freestyle Cruising refers to the way a Norwegian Cruise Ship will provide all of its passengers with freedom of choice in every aspect of their cruises. There is never a fixed schedule that passengers must follow, and there are no rigid dress codes that are enforced. A Norwegian Cruise Ship will allow its guests to take the reins of their vacations, and make them as exhilarating or relaxing as they wish.

When looking to choose a Norwegian Cruise Ship, there are 11 different vessels from which to choose. They all provide the wonderful Freestyle Cruising that Norwegian Cruise Lines is famous for, and their fleet is the newest in the cruise ship universe. All Norwegian Cruise Ships include a host of dining options, including a steak house, French cuisine, Japanese and many more. Every Norwegian Cruise Ship also includes many different entertainment options to choose from, including Second City comedy, Broadway shows, bars, lounges, pools, hot tubs, teen night clubs, kids’ centers and fitness centers. When you travel with Norwegian Cruise Lines, there is never a danger of being bored. The following will guide you through the 11 different Norwegian Cruise Ships from which to choose.

The Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship sails out of Manhattan in the summer and fall, and from Miami in the winter. In the summer, the Norwegian Dawn heads for Bermuda, and in the fall it heads for Canada and New England. When it sails from Miami in the winter, it tours the Caribbean. The Dawn features the Dawn Club Casino, the largest suites in the cruise ship world, pools, 15 dining options and a spa.

The Norwegian Cruise Ship, the Norwegian Epic, is the newest and largest ship in the Norwegian fleet. This is a ship that really gets around. It sails the Caribbean out of Miami. It also sails transatlantic from Miami to Barcelona, and vice versa. The Norwegian Epic also sails the Western Mediterranean out of Barcelona. It offers more than 20 different dining options, all kinds of bars and lounges, a bowling alley, an aqua park and much more. Perhaps most exciting, this is the first cruise ship to feature the Blue Man Group.

The Norwegian Gem sails out of New York for the Caribbean. It is a family-friendly vessel, and one of its neatest features is a two-story LCD screen located poolside, which allows passengers to play Wii games on it.

Passengers can sail the Mediterranean all year on the Norwegian Cruise Ship, the Norwegian Jade. This elegant ship is famous for its 1,042-seat Stardust Theatre, which features nightly entertainment. Its French restaurant, Le Bistro, has an ocean view for every table in the restaurant.

The Norwegian Jewel sails out of New York. It heads for the Caribbean most of the year, as well as Canada and New England in the fall. It has 16 dining options, as well as 13 bars and clubs.

Vacationers can choose the Norwegian Pearl for both Caribbean and Alaskan cruise adventures. It has a beautiful spa, and a very impressive rock climbing wall.

The Norwegian Sky sails from Miami to the Bahamas all year. It has 10 restaurants and 11 bars to choose from.
Passenger wishing to sail on a Norwegian Cruise Ship out of New Orleans can select the Norwegian Spirit. It sails all year from New Orleans to the Caribbean. One of its neatest features is its 12 deck-high fitness center that features floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Norwegian Star travels between Miami, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Its most amazing trip is a 13 day voyage from Miami to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal.

No matter the Norwegian Cruise Ship destination that passengers desire, there is a good chance that the Norwegian Sun will go there. It sails all over the Caribbean, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. Its two ports of departure are Orlando and Copenhagen.

The Pride of America is one of the few cruise ships that sails the Hawaiian Islands. It is a dedicated Hawaiian vessel, departing weekly from Honolulu. It visits each of the Hawaiian Islands on its 7-day journeys.

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