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Honolulu Travel Deals - How to Find the Best Honolulu Travel Deals and Vacation Packages

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Located in remote regions of the beautiful Pacific Ocean between North America and Japan, Hawaii is the final member of the United States and one of the most prestigious travel destinations for residents in America and around the world. With Honolulu travel deals, off-season specials and discount travel package, your dream of traveling to Hawaii, seeing the unforgettable sunset over Waikiki beach and enjoying the tropical beauty of Oahu can become a reality.

With average winter temperatures of 80 degrees and constant but gently breezes from the trade winds, it’s hard to believe there’s an off-season for travel in Hawaii. In fact, travelers looking for Honolulu travel deals will be happy to learn there are two off-seasons were budget-conscious travels can take advantage of affordable rates and package deals to great hotels and resorts in Honolulu and along Waikiki beach.

If you’re searching for the best Honolulu travel deals, knowing when the high season and low season start and end are very important. By traveling in the off-season, you will save money on your hotel and airfare. Off-season travelers may also find packages deals with discounted rental cars, complimentary tickets to local attractions and other perks that don’t last during the busiest times of the year.

The most popular travel seasons in Hawaii are between June and August when families with school children book vacations and mid December through March when travelers from cold climates seek respite from the winter weather. Travelers scheduling a vacation to coincide with the winter holidays should expect to pay top dollar for accommodations and services due intense competition from other travelers. The last week of April is another time when Honolulu travel deals will be harder to find due to an annual influx of vacationers from Japan during the country’s so-called Golden Week of traveling.

Fortunately, off-season deals and package specials are plentiful from early April to mid June and again from early September through the first two weeks of December. Like all parts of Hawaii, Honolulu and Waikiki are subjected to sporadic sunshowers and quickly dissipating rain clouds that are contained by the volcanic peaks. During the off-season months, Honolulu travel deals are easy to find and travelers can enjoy fewer crowds, shorter lines and exceptional weather.

As a general rule, the best deals and off-season discounts are offered through major hotels and resorts. While a quaint, locally-operated bed and breakfast in the hills surrounding Honolulu may not be able to offer drastic off-season deals, top-rated resorts and major hotels with hundreds of rooms offer competitive rates to keep the customers coming. One of the best tips for uncovering great deals is calling the hotel’s reservation desk directly. Local hotel receptionists are often more familiar with the current promotional deals and packages being offered than operators working in satellite call centers.

Package deals reward savvy travelers with discounted car rentals, coupons for admission passes, activities centers and local eateries. In Honolulu, the majority of the hotels are located within walking distance of Waikiki Beach. These tall, skyscraper hotels offer up-to-date amenities, deluxe rooms and apartment suites with kitchenettes as well as rooftop pools with tremendous views of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

Oahu’s best attractions and landmarks are all accessible from the major hotels along Waikiki. Diamond Head and the scenic, 175-step trail to the top of the volcanic crater are only a few minutes from the end of Waikiki Beach. With a walk-in admission of 1$ per person and a car admission of $5, this state monument is an affordable attraction for those seeking Honolulu travel deals. The Pearl Harbor Memorial and WWII educational center are 30 minutes from the hotels in downtown Honolulu while the Polynesian Cultural Center and legendary surf spots on Oahu’s North Shore are a little more than an hour away with a stunning drive through volcanic mountains and coastal scenery.

If you’re looking for great Honolulu travel deals, start with the major resorts and hotel chains along Waikiki beach. The Outrigger family of resorts, which includes the Ala Moana Hotel, is a great a place to start shopping for competitive Honolulu travel deals along with Aston Hotels & Resorts, Ohana and many major luxury hotel chains.

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