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Push Golf Carts - What Makes Push Golf Carts The Best Option?

wheel motorized game walking

Why is golf so popular? Is it because the game is played amongst trees, ponds, and sand? It this scenic beauty the real reason people come out to play? Being around nature and away from the everyday grind can relieve a lot of stress – even if you’re not having the best round. As the saying goes, a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. This might not apply to the super-competitive individual, but it does apply to most people. And as far as nature being the biggest draw for golf, if you think this might not be true, think about the following. Would golf be as appealing if it were played at an indoor facility or in an enormous stadium with natural turf? Of course not. Okay, so we have established that nature plays a big role in why golf is so enjoyable. But there are other factors as well, and with anything in life, convenience always makes an activity more enjoyable.

Golf courses are large. In order to play the game, you must transport yourself from one hole to the next. This can be done in two ways, which are to use a motorized golf cart and by walking. A motorized golf cart is much easier on the legs – obviously. The downside is that motorized golf carts are expensive. And the golf purists will always state that using a motorized golf cart is like cheating. It’s simply not the manner in which the game was intended to be played. They feel that if someone uses a motorized golf cart, they have an extra advantage due to muscles that are not as fatigued. Another potential negative, especially for the health and fitness crowd, is that using a motorized golf cart will not allow you to get some quality exercise. Walking is the other option. And walking is one of the healthiest activities on the planet. The only negative with walking is that carrying a full golf bag for 18 holes can be extremely tiring. It’s tiring enough that most people will feel like taking a nap the instant they get home. So, what’s the solution? With such advanced technology these days, there has to be a solution.

The solution is a push golf cart. Push golf carts are the perfect compromise. You’re not using a motorized golf cart, so you don’t have an extra advantage. And carrying a heavy bag is not necessary, so your muscles will stay fresh. There is some confusion between a pull golf cart and a push golf cart. Here’s the simple answer: they’re the same thing. They are just referred to in two different ways. Do some companies advertise their carts as push golf carts and do others advertise their carts as pull golf carts? Yes. And they might even be designed to push or pull, but the truth is that a golfer is either going to be used to pushing or pulling. Therefore, once they have a cart in their hands, they’re going to do with it as they please. Which hand do you hold your fork in? Can you imagine switching hands after all these years? Not going to happen.

Push golf carts come in many different shapes and sizes. There are 2-wheel push golf carts, 3-wheel push golf carts, and 4-wheel push golf carts. The 2-wheel push golf carts are often the lightest. However, they are not as sturdy. The 4-wheel push golf carts are the sturdiest, but also the heaviest. The 3-wheel push golf carts are a nice medium. This doesn’t necessarily mean a 3-wheel push golf cart is the best option. Once again, it will depend on personal preferences.

The most popular brands for push golf carts are Clicgear, Sun Mountain, Bag Day, and Callaway. Callaway is a more recognizable golf name than Clicgear, and Callaway is known for superb equipment in every facet of the game, but Clicgear is top-dog when it comes to a golf push cart. Their Clicgear 2.0 Push Golf Cart has a perfect 5-star customer rating.

Regardless of the brand, most of today’s golf push carts are capable of rolling over thick wet grass with ease, traversing hills, and offering a lot of storage space. Golf push carts also make the perfect gift for a golfer.

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