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Evenflo Booster Car Seat

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Before you strap your baby into their car seat, you may want to question whether or not it is as safe as an Evenflo booster car seat. Not only does Evenflo produce a large list of available car seats, they produce them with so many options that it’s possible you can find one that matches the interior of your car. It’s very important that your child has their own seat; not only is it illegal to strap a baby into a car without a car seat, it’s also very dangerous.


Evenflo is a large business that caters to the development of children. They have car seats that are created for babies from five to one-hundred pounds; however, booster seats are only available in 20 to 100 pound weight-classes. In fact, if you purchase an Evenflo booster car seat from their website, you can choose the type of booster seat you prefer, plus the style, color and weight necessary for your child.

Not all booster seats are created equally, and Evenflo offers every style imaginable including: Forward Facing, Five-Point Harness, Belt Positioning Booster High Back and Belt Positioning Booster No Back. Booster seats even have armrests so that your child sits more comfortably. Booster seats, like the Big Kid Deluxe, differ in style when compared to the Chase DLX and the Generations Booster Car Seat. If you prefer armrests for your child, then you would select a booster seat from the Big Kid Deluxe Collection.


Solid colors are a popular choice when it comes to selecting an Evenflo booster car seat, but you are not limited to only solid colors. If you choose to purchase a solid-colored booster seat, you can choose from red, beige, black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink and yellow. Also, there are booster seats available with solid and stripe patterns, such as the Big Kid Deluxe Booster Car Seat.


Not only does the Evenflo booster car seat work in the car, but it can also be used at the kitchen table in place of an ordinary booster seat. While the average booster seat simply lifts your child closer to the table, the Evenflo booster car seat supports your child like a normal chair. It holds your child’s back in proper alignment, and the seat and head cushions make your child stay comfortable even at the dinner table.


Since a car’s seat belt system is designed for adults, the belt will sometimes cross a child’s face or neck. The Evenflo booster car seat is designed especially with safety in mind. It lifts the child up to a point that the lap belt goes over the hips, not the abdomen. There is also a clip that can be adjusted to ensure that the shoulder belt doesn’t cross your child’s face.

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