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Houses In North Carolina - Basic And Interesting Information On Houses In North Carolina

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Everyone moves to North Carolina. Okay, maybe not everyone. If everyone was buying houses in North Carolina, then no one would want to move there. The biggest selling points for living in North Carolina are land and affordable housing. The temperature, access to the beach and mountains, and friendly people, are also factors. And let’s not forget a local economy that holds up well during national downturns. While we’re only in the early stages of this article, it should already be obvious that there are many advantages to buying a house in North Carolina. But North Carolina is a large state – relatively speaking. It’s large compared to the states in northeast, which is where most transplants are from. It’s obviously not large compared to Texas, Alaska, or California. But size doesn’t matter in this case. For instance, California is way too expensive, Texas is a place where only the good ‘ole boys will feel comfortable, and Alaska is just a little chilly. North Carolina is essentially the perfect state. Both the weather and prices are moderate. As far as size goes, we don’t need to cover the entire state. If you didn’t grow up in North Carolina, there are only a few areas you’re going to want to live. These areas are the coast, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Asheville.

Let’s begin with North Carolina houses on the coast. Sometimes the shortest explanations are best: homes on the North Carolina coast are often beautiful and always expensive. Living near the ocean is a real treat, but keep in mind that this is hurricane central. This isn’t only important for safety reasons, but insurance reasons as well. Be prepared for that extra expense.

Despite the popular phrase ‘Raleigh-Durham,’ North Carolina houses in Raleigh are very different from North Carolina houses in Durham. It’s not often you find twin cities that are so different from one another. Have you ever heard the expression “He’s from the other side of the tracks?” This expression is often used by those who live on the wealthier side of those tracks. In this case, that side would be Raleigh. This is a city filled with suburban-like homes, plenty of jobs, tons of sports teams, great shopping and dining, and anything else you would look for in a middle to middle-upper class city. It would be difficult to find a negative when it comes to owning a home in Raleigh. Even the traffic is okay. Durham, on the other hand, is much different. Durham has cheaper housing, fewer retailers and restaurants, fewer jobs, and more crime.

Charlotte is an excellent place to buy a home. Well, the Charlotte area is an excellent place to buy a home. If you buy a house in Charlotte itself and you want something nice it’s going to cost a lot of money. However, only a few miles to the north is a town called Huntersville. This suburban town has two exits off I-77, which are Exit 25 and Exit 28. Exit 25 is the ideal place for any middle class family. Everything is convenient to the residential areas yet the homes still offer a country-like feel, and in most cases, a decent amount of property. The North Carolina homes in this area are new, but they were also put up fast. This means maintenance is necessary if you want to avoid major problems down the road. Exit 28 features Birkdale Village, which is a high-end outdoor shopping mall. It’s possible to rent an apartment above one of the stores or restaurants in Birkdale Village, which is a great option for young adults and singles. There aren’t a lot of traditional North Carolina houses off Exit 28. Apartments and condos are more common, but they’re all very nice. If these apartments and condos aren’t in Birkdale Village, they’re overlooking Lake Norman.

For those who want the ultimate North Carolina home, consider Cornelius, which is one exit north of Huntersville. This is where many NASCAR drivers and other professional athletes live. These homes here are immaculate, with many of them overlooking the water and coming with boat slips. The houses in Cornelius North Carolina are much more expensive than those in Huntersville.

As far as Asheville goes, it’s a liberal and artsy city in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The temperatures are perfect in the summer and cold in the winter. The houses in Asheville are more expensive than those in Huntersville and Raleigh yet not as expensive as homes in Cornelius or on the coast.

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