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South Carolina Motels - A Guide To South Carolina Motels

extended stays chain motels booking and discounts

There are probably a hundred reasons why you’re looking for South Carolina motels; for one, you might have fallen on hard times and need an extended stay motel to call home for a few months. You may just be traveling through the state and need an affordable motel that won’t take too much out of your travel expenses. Whether you need a place to stay for a night, a week or a month, there are plenty of motels along the interstate and highways of South Carolina that will give you a place to rest your head without emptying your wallet.

Extended Stays

There are a few types of extended stay motels in South Carolina; among the most popular is Intown Suites. Here, you can stay for a night or a week; if you choose to book a room for a week, it can cost you less than two-hundred dollars. Be sure to ask about any sales that they may be offering as prices will vary depending on the city. Even places like Red Roof Inn will allow you to book by the week at a discounted rate. These motels are easily accessible from the outside, so you can usually park your car outside your door and carry in your belongings.

Chain Motels

Chain motels, such as Quality Inn, Days Inn and Holiday Inn, not only provide a quality place to stay the night, but they also provide a continental breakfast; of course, this may vary from motel to motel but most offer this service. Another good thing about chain motels is their availability; it’s almost impossible to drive ten or twenty miles without seeing their signs off the exit ramp. If you’re traveling through South Carolina, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll never be without a good place to stay.

Booking and Discounts

Before you check into any of the many South Carolina motels, be sure to check online for a coupon. Some of these motels will offer discounts if you book online, so it would be wise to look into that first. If you don’t have access to a computer, use your cell phone to call ahead and ask about their rates. Another good idea would be to check online with a booking site and let them book the room for you. By using an external service, you can save more money than if you book the room yourself.

You may also want to do your research about the motel before you decide to book a room with them. There are usually online reviews from people who have stayed at the motel who will rate their experience. By checking these reviews first, you can save yourself a headache if the service was less than what you had expected.

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