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Monster Instrument Cable - Choose a Monster Instrument Cable for Great Sound

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Monster Cable Products, Inc., founded in 1979, has been an industry leader for more than thirty years. Noel Lee was a design engineer, audiophile, and professional drummer when he realized how profoundly the quality of a sound cable could impact audio performance. He had discovered that most home stereo equipment had been wired with standard electrical household wire that was meant to carry electricity and not specialized for sound transmission. His initial product offering was a speaker cable that carried recorded sound from the media to the speakers without distortion. Development of specialized cables for all multimedia applications followed, and the company now has more than 4000 products and holds more than 200 U.S. and international product design patents. In more than 80 countries, Monster cable sets the standard for audio performance, superior construction, and specialty instrument cables.

The instrumentalist with a trained listening ear can hear the tiniest variation in the quality of the sound coming from a high-quality instrument and projected by sound speakers. Noise and static created by inexpensive instrument cables made of cheap materials is transmitted along the wire and projected toward the listener. Distorted tones and a muffled beat mean that the music quality has been changed by the cable. Musicians favor Monster instrument cables because of the superior audio sound produced every time the instrument is played. The Monster brand is well-known for consistent sound quality and each new product answers the market’s cry for a more specialized cable. Research is conducted to leverage state of the art metals that will transmit sound perfectly from the instrument to the recording medium or the sound speaker that faces the audience.

Monster instrument cables are constructed of multi-gauge wire for high and low frequency that accurately reproduces sound from any instrument. Double-shielded copper braid wire is used for superior noise rejection so that the sound emanating from the instrument is carried flawlessly to the speakers. Gold-plated 24k connectors are used to ensure the cable can be used for years without fraying even with extensive use where assembly and disassembly places strain on the cable ends. High-quality materials ensure clarity of sound in the low, middle, and high sound ranges for listener enjoyment. Monster instrument cables are coaxial or semi-balanced in construction. Semi-balanced cables have two conductors and a shield and are best suited to the bass range of the musical scale. The coaxial models have one conductor and tend to be favored for use across multiple genres including acoustic and jazz because of the wide range of sounds carried by the single conductors. Shielding on both types prevent static and noise from traveling down the wire and distorting music quality.

Monster produces multiple instrument cables for specific types of music. The Monster Rock cable is for the mid-range musician with a punchy style. The Monster Bass cable is specially constructed to carry the lowest tones on the scale without distortion at the highest possible playing volume. For warm sounding instruments, choose the Monster Jazz cable that is specially designed for more distinct sounds for those fast note runs and scales known in jazz ensembles. Monster Acoustic cables carry the richness and warmth of acoustic instruments from the musician to the audience in its purest tones. All-around musicians will appreciate the Performer 500 cable that is capable of carrying sound from various instruments in most venues. In the recording studio, but the Studio Pro 1000 carries transparent sounds from the instrument to the recording media.

Some musicians assume that an expensive cable must be a Monster cable and will pay too much money for an inexpensive copy. When the cable is connected to the sound system, the difference is obvious and most musicians will return the inferior cable to purchase a Monster instrument cable. High-quality sound cannot emanate from a cable that restricts the dynamic range, power, or clarity of the instrumental sound. Only the impedance-balanced construction of a Monster instrument cable can ensure that good music does not deteriorate into loud music during performance.

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