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Php Project Management - What is PHP Project Management Software?

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Looking for an inexpensive software package for your project management needs? If so, then you should consider PHP project management software. Unlike the commercially available software packages, many PHP project management software packages are open source and therefore free to use. There are also fee based PHP project management packages that you can buy to use for your business. What you select will depend on your needs as well as your budget.

To use a project management application that is built with PHP, you will need to install it on a web server. It can then be accessed through a web browser. The primary advantage to this that even with fee based options, you won’t require individual licensed copies because it can be accessed from anywhere with only a single installation.

You should be careful if you are planning to use this PHP project management software on leased hosting space. You can’t install software on most hosting accounts unless you purchase a package that specifically allows for this type of action. There may be some hosts who will install the software for you, but they will charge you an installation and set up fee. When looking for hosting accounts, keep this in mind if you think you will, or know you will, be wanting this type of software available for your company.

Your web server will need to have PHP installed, most likely the latest version. You will probably also need MySQL installed on the server. Again, this is very important to investigate when looking at potential website host accounts.

PHP developers are always working to improve their software creations. Therefore, the one thing you can count on with a PHP based project management package is frequent updates and new features. You can also count on bugs and other problems with newly available software. But, at the low cost you might pay it is often worth installing the updates if it means better productivity and project management as opposed to the high cost of industry standard packages.

Project management is the same regardless of the software used to make the process less intensive. A package that offers you the ability to assign resources and track progress is what you need and there are many different options online and through software companies.

Investigate your choices carefully to find out which package has the support and functions that you need for project management. Not all software is created equal. Check user reviews, ask for other businesses who are using the software and never pay more than you think you should for PHP based project management software.

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