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Smartmedia Memory Cards - Purchasing SmartMedia Memory Cards

flash memory cards smartmedia pricing

SmartMedia has a long history in the computer memory field, having been in development since the mid 1990s. While these memory cards were first created to only store very little information, they now compete with some of the larger memory cards that can store two terabytes of files, music and more. Toshiba creates SmartMedia memory cards, and they are primarily used in cameras and other digital devices that are SD ready – SD stands for Secure Digital, a type of memory card that needs no external power source to store its information.

SD cards, such as those available from SmartMedia, contain anywhere from one megabyte to two terabytes. Standard SD cards usually store no more than four gigabytes, but the new SDHC cards can hold from four to thirty-two gigabytes of information. The new SDXC cards contain 32 gigabytes to two terabytes of file space. While more space allows you to store more files, it comes at a higher price. In fact, even smaller 128 megabyte SmartMedia memory cards can cost nearly thirty dollars.

Flash Memory Cards

You may hear this term when you read about SmartMedia memory cards. Flash memory simply refers to the read-only memory that these types of cards use to store information. Because of flash memory, these cards can store large amounts of data without the need of a battery or external power source. They can be transferred easily and are used for storing pictures taken from digital cameras, as well as holding MP3 files for standard SD-enabled players.

Whether SmartMedia is called an SD card or a flash memory card, it means the same thing. While these memory cards are useful for small digital devices, they cannot be used as memory sticks for your computer. This may be a type of flash memory, but it will not work in the place of RAM sticks.

SmartMedia Pricing

SmartMedia memory cards vary in price, especially if you purchase them through an online retailer. You can usually buy them cheaper if they are used; however, be aware that used cards may not have the same lifespan as those that are new. While the price may be substantially lower than a new card, it may not be worth it if in two weeks your card has failed and corrupted your files.

Always do comparative shopping and never buy more space than you actually need. It may be good to have that extra two gigabytes of space, but it will only cost you more money, especially if you never actually use it.

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