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Alarm Clock Projection - Projection Alarm Clock Facilitates Ease in Viewing

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Alarm clock projection offers a convenient way to see the time by projecting large digital images on a wall, ceiling, or any other surface convenient for the viewer. For example, a bleary-eyed sleeper, rather than squinting to see the actual display on the clock when the alarm sounds, can simply look at the time displayed on the wall to determine how much more “snooze” time he wants to get in. This is also handy for people who wear glasses or otherwise would have obstructions to viewing the clock itself, such as a spouse or partner blocking the view and/or various items on the night-stand. Another use for projection alarm clocks is when the clock must be placed in a tight space or hidden corner; the user can simply adjust the projection on a wall where it’s easy to see.

There are many different types of projection alarm clocks, with various features. Many have a radio incorporated, so that the user can wake to the buzzer/alarm or the radio as desired. Most also include a “snooze” button which, when pressed, will reset the alarm to sound again in approximately 10 minutes (the intervals vary depending on the manufacturer). The images displayed on the wall are usually either red or blue; again, this varies depending on the manufacturer or model, and some models offer the user a choice of colors.

Some projection alarm clocks project not only the current time, but also the alarm time, the date, and/or the temperature. Some even include a separate temperature-sensor to be placed outdoors, so that the display will also indicate the outside temperature as well. Another option is a continually-set alarm time for weekdays only, with a separate one for weekends if desired. For couples, there are projection alarm clocks that allow two different alarm-times; for instance, when one person wishes to wake at 6:00 a.m. and the other prefers to sleep until 7:00.

In addition to the radio that some models offer, others also include CD players and/or MP3 players, as well as iPod docking stations. Other variables include a “sleep” feature, which allow the user to listen to music for a preset time while drifting to sleep. The music will shut off automatically after the desired amount of time – typically 30 or 60 minutes. One drawback to this feature is that if the user wishes to waken to music (rather than the alarm/buzzer) in the morning, the volume remains at the previous setting of the night before and therefore may not be loud enough.

Another issue that is sometimes problematic with alarm clock projection is that the actual projection feature may stop functioning while all other components still work. Other common consumer complaints are that the image on the wall is either not bright enough or is too bright. Most projection alarm clocks display best in a dark room; some have sensors that will dim the projection as the room becomes darker, thereby making it easier to see even when a lamp or TV is on, yet not too bright in a dark room.

Another issue with projection alarm clocks, as with any alarm clock, is the volume of the alarm itself. Some users complain that the sound isn’t loud enough, while others react unfavorably to jarring, high-volume alarms. Popular models have alarms that start off relatively softly, then gradually grow louder if the alarm is not shut off. This feature, sometimes called a “crescendo” feature, eases people awake gradually, yet will eventually become loud enough to wake even the most sound sleeper.

Many projection alarm clocks include the option to have the image rotated or reversed on the wall. This feature, called “rotation,” “reverse,” “flip,” or “swivel,” is especially helpful for placing the clock (and projecting the image) in convenient areas for the user. For example, without this feature, a user who wants the projection displayed on the ceiling may find the image appears upside-down, depending on how the room/bed/clock are situated.

When buying a projection alarm clock, consumers should take into account their specific preferences and needs. There are many units on the market, with options to meet virtually any budget.

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