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Dragon Ball Z Online Games - The Battle for the Dragon Balls Continues With Online Games

players able ability dragonball

Dragonball Z has quickly become one of the most popular animes in North America. Packed with action, aliens, interesting storylines, and humor, it’s a show that’s as varied as it is long. And now you can find Goku, Piccolo, Majin Buu, Freeza, and more of your favorite heroes and villains online.

Dragon Ball Online is a MMORPG set on Earth 216 years after the end of the manga series. Goku is training Uud and has departed the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. The villainous Majin Buu has sculpted himself a wife, Booby, created a son and has started the Majin race on planet Earth.

In the Dragon Ball Online game, gamers take control of a character avatar and will be able to roam the lands in search of the ever elusive Dragon Balls. They’ll also be able to gain experience points, new abilities, and money, and will have the ability to train and compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai in the hopes of becoming a warrior of legend. As with most MMORPGs, players will also be able to interact with Non-Playable Characters as well as other gamers. Players will also be able to go back through time and relive some of their favorite moments in Dragon Ball history.

So far there are three races that players can choose from: Namekians, Humans, and the Majin race. In addition to the three races there are two main classes for each race, one that specializes in physical damage and another deals in either damage of the spirit or can act in a more supportive caste.

Humans will be able to become Martial Artists that rely more on physical skills and less on ki. Alternatively, they can also become Spiritualists. Engineers are inventors and innovators that forge weapons and new technology. Namekians can belong to the Dragon Clan, a supportive class that utilizes magic. They can also choose to be Warriors with high defenses. Wonder Majins use techniques similar to those used by Kid Buu while Mighty Majins have healing abilities and can reverse status effects like poison.

Each class has a master class that players can take in order to gain more advanced weapons and skills. Players will be happy to know that just like in the manga, their characters will have the ability to transform, shifting appearance and power. Such transformations can be made possible through either wishing for them with the Dragon Balls or through leveling up.

A majority of the skills that players are able to gain are special to only one class in the Dragonball online game, but there are a number of skills that are obtainable to all races and classes. One such ability is Dash, a brief, but swift burst that thrusts players in any direction. The Dash ability is useful for quickly exploring the land and gaining distance in combat. The Guard ability blocks incoming assaults, but can be shattered with a strong attack or if the skill time is fully depleted. Counter attack is a skill chained with guarding that allows the player to counter and deflect attacks. Dragon King’s skills come into play when making wishes on the Dragon Balls. With it the player can wish for a 25% increase to a buff: Dexterity, Strength, Constitution, Soul, Focus, or Energy. The Kaio-ken ability is a familiar one that gamers will recognize from the original series. In the Dragonball online game this skill engulfs the player in a flaring aura, increases energy an health and can be multiplied as much as the player wants as long there is enough EP and LP.

Gamers are sure to feel the same excitement with the Dragonball online game that they feel when they watch the show, only this time they are in control of the story and the action. Log on and put yourself in Dragonball history.

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