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Women's Cargo Shorts - Finding Great Women’s Cargo Shorts for Your Style

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Cargo shorts are a great fashion statement for any woman’s wardrobe. This versatile garment was originally created to be functional: women wore cargo shorts when fishing, hiking, camping, and traveling. The shorts’ many pockets came in handy for these sports and hobbies. However, what started as a useful piece of outdoor gear has now transformed into a fashion statement. Today, women’s cargo shorts come in many lengths and colors and can be worn to complete a variety of styles, in addition to their traditional role as outdoor clothing.

The easiest way to find great women’s cargo shorts to suit your individual style is to determine which image you are trying to achieve. Are you looking for a relaxed, natural, beach vibe? Choose loose-fitting cargo shorts in a light khaki or white shade. This image works best with longer cargo shorts that reach the knee or fall just below the knee. Complete the look with a slimming white or pastel tee shirt, and you are all set for a casual day at the beach.

For a young, trendy look, try ultra-short women’s cargo shorts in bold colors. Today, cargo shorts come in many shades, including black, metallic gold or bronze, and even bright pink and purple. The most fashionable cargo shorts in bold colors like these are typically very short and sit low on the waist. You should choose shorts that have pockets on the side or in front, but try to avoid large pockets on the back. Additionally, when wearing ultra-short cargo shorts, it is generally best to wear a more conservative top.

Another great look for women’s cargo shorts is the outdoor and athletic look. Choose longer shorts in darker colors, such as a deep olive or dark brown. Cargo shorts in a camouflage are a great choice for this look as well. Pair the cargo shorts with a simple tee shirt and a headband for a powerful, sporty style.

Finally, whichever look you go for with your women’s cargo shorts, be sure to choose shorts that are the right fit. You do not want to look like you are swimming in your shorts, and you don’t want to choose a length that is too scandalous either. Also, it is generally a good idea to wear a form-fitting top with cargo shorts, since the shorts are usually a bit bulky. With the great variety in style and color available today, women will be sure to find cargo shorts that work with their style.

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