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Petsafe Containment System - Petsafe Containment Systems

dog ground wireless owners

You would be hard-pressed to find a dog owner that was not worried about potential escapes. Destructive chewers and canine escape artists are the top two causes of headaches for dog owners. Dogs can do a good deal of harm to themselves and to others when roaming away from home. If Fido gets out of the yard, bites someone or destroys a neighbor’s property, the owner is completely liable for all damage and pending consequences. These consequences are not always financial; they can involve removing the dog from the home or worse. For this reason, dog owners need to be on high alert when it comes to boundaries and dog safety.

Even dog owners that enjoy fenced-in backyards may deal with master escape artists. Some dog breeds are extremely agile, and most come fully equipped with an intelligence that rivals most modern fencing systems. Dogs continuously dig out of backyards, scale or jump over fences, even utilizing objects inside the yard to hoist themselves to freedom. Dog owners are searching for products that can ensure that outside boundaries are not breached and that ultimately, their pet remains happy and healthy. These prayers are answered with the extensive line of Petsafe Contaiment Systems.

Petsafe offers two ways to deal with yard and boundary issues: the wireless containment system and the differing models of in-ground fence systems. There are pros and cons to each system, fitting the individual needs of each pet parent and household. Here are some of the benefits of the Petsafe Containment Systems:

In-Ground Fences —

Petsafe offers a variety of In-Ground containment systems. Petsafe tailors its products to large and small breed dogs and even provides for those owners with particularly stubborn breeds. With the In-Ground fences, owners are given the flexibility to map out their own boundaries. With this increased flexibility comes increased initial labor, however. The In-Ground containment system has to be buried beneath a good amount of ground in order to operate effectively. Most of the containment units come with a large amount of wire, allowing for a larger boundary to be set up for those with a good amount of property. These systems also sell additional wire and flags to help close a gap in protection, or to increase boundary lines. Flags are set up around the boundary lines to create an association for dogs within the yard. The flags will eventually be the visual markers that let the dog know when he/she is approaching the boundary line. Along with the wire and flags for set-up, the In-Ground containment system comes with a receiver that acts as a collar, enforcing the boundaries. When the dog approaches and attempts to cross the boundary line, it will receive a static correction that can be controlled by the pet parent. If the original setting is not strong enough to discourage the dog from testing the boundaries, a higher level of correction can be achieved, depending on the Petsafe In-Ground model.

Wireless Pet Containment System —

Petsafe offers the wireless pet containment system for those dog owners who want an easy set-up, durable product and the freedom to travel with the containment system where ever is necessary. The wireless system works best for owners with smaller boundaries to secure. The wireless containment systems spans 90 feet in every direction from initial placement of the unit base. If owners are wanting to secure both the front and back yards with the wireless system, placing the base in the center of the two yards is ideal; however, the boundary is automatically cut off at 90 feet, even if it means chopping off some of the yard that is still available. The collar receiver is of the same design as the In-Ground containment system and adds a beeping sound to alert dogs when they are approaching the boundary lines. This noise becomes an auditory cue that minimizes the dogs chances of receiving the static correction if they observe the beep. The wireless system is more expensive than its In-Ground counterpart, but is less hassle and does an optimum job of protecting your pet.

While the In-Ground containment system is more work to set up in the beginning, it is ultimately a cheaper alternative to the wireless containment system and works just as well. As the owner, you have a flexibility to create unique boundaries; a luxury that is not afforded with the wireless containment system. Each system is geared to a different type of pet parent with dogs who have fluxuating needs. With the Petsafe Contaiment Systems, you can have peace of mind that comes from knowing that your dog who wants to roam, is safely staying home.

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