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Las Car Rental - Choosing Your LAS Car Rental

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Gambling in Las Vegas may have you thinking about losing money, but you don’t have to lose money with your LAS car rental. In fact, there are quite a few ways to save money by booking a rental car online; you just have to know where to look. You have to be sure not to buy into the gimmicks of online car rental sites; some will try to charge hidden fees for services you didn’t know you were signing up for. The fact that there are several big-named companies to choose from should give you an indication of how much money you can save on your next LAS car rental.

Booking Agencies

Some booking agencies, such as Orbitz and Expedia, will take care of everything for you; for example, you can book a flight using their online service, and they will find a hotel room for you, as well as a car rental if you need. Of course, you will have to pay a little extra depending on the website’s policies, but it’s often well worth it because you don’t have to hassle with the rental companies. If you only need a LAS car rental, then it might be best to visit the rental company yourself; just be sure to have your insurance information and identification available.

Rental Companies

When it comes to getting a LAS car rental, you don’t have to worry about variety; there are over ten highly popular car rental companies ready to serve you. Among the top ten are Hertz and National. They provide a large list of 2- and 4-door cars for your trip to Las Vegas, as well as car pick-up and drop-off services. Enterprise and ACE Rent-A-Car are also available in the Las Vegas area, and you can even book a rental car with them on their website.

On-site Versus Off-site

If you don’t have time to book a rental car online or at the local office, you can always book the car at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. It’s easy to do this ahead of time through one of many available booking agencies, but you can also do this yourself before or after your exit the plane. To get the LAS car rental you prefer, you will want to book ahead of time. While this is not always possible, it is the only way to ensure you get the best car available for your stay in Las Vegas.

Hertz and Thrifty are just two of the many competitor rental companies you will find at the McCarran International Airport. The benefit of choosing to rent a car on-site is that you can immediately rent a car and leave from the airport; however, by choosing an off-site car with shuttle service, you may have to pay extra. The choice comes down to convenience, as well as the time you have before you rent the car. If you have no time to spare before catching your flight, the ability to rent a car from the airport directly is the best choice possible.

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