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Soft Car Top Carrier - Features of soft car top carriers

fabric straps waterproof hard

There are many times a year a family or group of people will travel: for summer vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Many families face the same dilemma: how to fit everything needed into the car or automobile they will be driving. The more people going on a trip, the more luggage and gear included.

One common solution for many families is a soft car top carrier. It is very easy to install; most simply attach by straps to the top rack of a car. One great advantage to them is that they can be folded up very small and packed away and open up providing a large area for extra storage space.

The key to choosing the best soft car top carrier is considering the material it is made of. Polyester material is a good choice because it is UV resistant; carriers that are made of nylon tend to break down while kept in the sun a lot. A car top carrier made with dual-layered material and a vinyl backing works most efficiently at resisting water. A good carrier has zippers that are coated with urethane and liner systems that offer additional protection from water getting on packed gear.

A car not having a luggage rack does not keep it from being able to hold a car top carrier. There are some carriers that are made with car clips that hook onto the ledges of either side of the car and there are other carriers that have straps that are looped through the interior of the car and then over the carrier.

A hard top car carrier is often times preferred when cost is not a concern, when ample space is available or if the carrier can be left on a car for extended periods of time. A soft car top carrier is typically preferred by many people because of their lower price, easy installation and large storage space. They are made of fabric that is easy to handle and light-weight. Some models have an aerodynamic shape that has advantages over hard carriers, including reduced consumption of fuel and noise. The greatest advantages are its easy installation and de-installation and how easily they can be stored when not being used.

Soft car top carriers can be manufactured fully waterproof and just as durable as hard top carriers. Their price rage is also very appealing, ranging between $40 and $200. Less expensive models are simpler and made of non-waterproof fabric and light-weight. More expensive models are UV-protected, more sturdy, durable and waterproof.

Clearly understanding the many differences between both hard and soft car top carriers will help in choosing the carrier that is right for you and your travel needs. A carrier that is well-chosen can be a very useful companion when traveling and can also provide many years of enjoyable and safe use.

Features to look for when choosing a soft car top carrier:

1. Waterproof. A carrier that is waterproof will ensure that luggage and belongings stay dry.
2. Solid, heavy-duty and durable construction. You want a carrier that is going to last.
3. UV-protected straps and fabrics. The sun’s rays can do a lot of damage to a carrier if it is not protected.
4. Welded seams. Seams that are welded are both strong and waterproof.
5. Reinforced areas of high-stress. Areas where straps are attached to the carrier’s body should be reinforced for strength.
6. Heavy-duty hardware and straps. A heavy load and high speeds cause high tension on these areas of the carrier. Straps and buckles of a soft carrier need to be tested to a minimum of 300 pounds.
7. Tough fabric. The fabric of a car top carrier can be subjected to large amounts of stress from objects pressing against it. Carriers made of lower quality fabric tend to disintegrate during longer trips. A tough fabric is made of heavy-duty fabric and is at least 18 oz per every square yard and also highly resistant to scratches and punches.

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almost 6 years ago

we have a soft carrier labelled Travel Pak, but I have lost the directions. Are you familiar with this brand? Bron