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Water Exercise Equipment - Types of Water Exercise Equipment

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Because ordinary aerobics can cause strain in bones and muscles, people have turned to water fitness; not only does it reduce stress on the body, but it also adds more resistance to your workout. By doing fitness exercises in the water, you can actually tone your body more than by doing regular land aerobics. Like most fitness programs that require work-out accessories, water exercise equipment is also needed. Even simple exercises like jogging in place require slip pads or plug to keep water from entering the nose or ears.

There are many types of water exercise equipment that resemble the same work-out accessories found in modern gyms; of course, there are far less, but barbells and strength bands are common. Because of the chlorine in the pool, the equipment has to be made of a resistant material so that they do not rust or become damaged from the chemicals. Most barbells, including bands and belts, are made from chlorine resistant EVA foam.

Water exercise equipment, such as barbells, provides the ability to build upper body strength while in the water; they also have soft-padded grips that provide comfort for extended handling. Most barbells can be purchased with an additional belt that provides support and stability while you perform your exercises. A quality set of barbells and belts can cost less than thirty dollars, so it would be wise to browse multiple stores in order to get the best deal possible.

Other types of exercise equipment are swim gloves. These gloves are wide and provide increased water resistance for toning and strengthening the upper body. By wearing the gloves, you can also increase cardiovascular exercise; this will build stamina and allow you to exercise for longer periods of time. There are also training fins for the feet to increase power, speed and strength in the legs. Most swim fins are made from both hard and soft material to maximize comfort and performance.

Pull buoys are another method of strength training used by amateur and professional swimmers. This water exercise equipment is pulled from behind as you swim to maximize your lap routines; it builds both strength and endurance. The buoys come in different shapes, sizes and colors and are usually less than twenty dollars.

Goggles are also a necessity when it comes to water exercise equipment. They allow you to see clearly underwater and keep the chlorine from entering your eyes. They help to increase your overall time spent in the pool because they reduce dry and itchy eyes. A snorkel is a convenient method for remaining just below the water’s surface without the need to come up for air. This will help keep you underwater while performing various exercises.

Swim caps keep the hair out of your eyes and also reduce surface tension as you swim. They help you glide through the water more easily, especially when paired with swim gloves and fins. While most professionals will not use nose plugs, it may be helpful to buy a pair to keep the water from entering your nose when you dive into the water. If you suffer from inner ear infections, it may also be wise to purchase a pair of ear plugs.

It is possible to buy all the water exercise equipment you need for less than one-hundred dollars. It would be best to shop online because there are more varieties to choose from and the prices are quite competitive. If you have a swim shop in your town, be sure to mention any sales you’ve seen on the internet. They may work out a deal with you, which will also help you save money. By buying from the store, you won’t have to wait for your equipment to be shipped to you; that means you can start swimming today.

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