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Demarini Softball Bat - Any True Softball Player Has A DeMarini Softball Bat In His Bag

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So you think you’re a softball player? That might sound like a strange statement. After all, it’s just softball, right? This is what so many former baseball players say, but when it comes to competitive men’s adult softball, they have no idea what they’re in for. Is it possible to find a picnic or beer softball league where guys wear jeans and throw the ball is if their name was Mary? Yes. But it’s also possible to find men’s softball leagues that are insanely competitive. Remember, softball tournaments are a big deal. The players on these teams get free equipment. In some cases, they even get paid to play. With such high stakes, these players need to keep their games fresh while not on the road. Where do they do that? In one of your local men’s softball leagues, especially if you live near a big city. So, if you can handle the competition, give it a shot. Just be sure not to speak those taboo words, “It’s just softball.” This can lead to a butt-whooping on the field, and maybe even in the parking lot. Another advantage you’re going to need is the right equipment. And when it comes to softball equipment, no name is bigger than DeMarini.

Before we even get into DeMarini softball bats, it’s first important to understand the man behind this equipment. Ray DeMarini was one of the greatest softball players of all time. What made him different was that he was up for any challenge anyone threw his way. Early in his career, and for the majority of his career, he was an extremely high average hitter. He could put the ball wherever he wanted. He could go backside, middle, to the pull side, and he could even use a swinging bunt in order to get on base. Bunting is illegal in softball, so this was a challenge. He would take a little off his swing and use his speed to get on. And if the outfield was deep, he would use a 30% swing to drop the ball in somewhere. In many cases, he would end up with a triple. However, one day a teammate of his stated that all he was missing was power and that based on his small build, he would never be able to hit home runs. It only took one off-season for Ray to prove his teammate wrong. He worked like a madman in the weight room and became one of the best power hitters in the game. Unfortunately, it was only a few short years after when Ray passed away from a heart attack. But the legend lives on through his DeMarini softball bats.

Any true softball player is going to have a DeMarini softball bat in his bag. If he doesn’t, he either doesn’t understand the game or he doesn’t take it too seriously. Most Deamrini softball bats don’t have the pop of a Miken Ultra or a Combat B1 DaBomb, but these superpower bats are not legal anymore. Plus, most DeMarini softball bats are double walls, not composites. It’s extremely risky to use a composite softball bat in the cold weather. If you swing hard, these bats will crack. A double wall Demarini softball bat will almost never crack. If anything, it will dent, but this is also rare. DeMarini softball bats are also much more effective in the cold weather.

Demarini softball bats have a reputation for being double walls, but that’s not always the case. DeMarini broke into the composite softball market with the Juggernaut. Softball players either loved or hated this bat. The reasoning is simple – it’s a two-piece bat. This means that the half the bat is composite and half the bat is double wall. This is great for players who want the ball to ‘stick’ to the bat while hitting, so they can feel themselves driving the ball. There is also a lot more feeling on the handle. Other players prefer a one-piece bat, which means the ball ‘jumps’ off the bat and everything is completed in one motion. There is no extra feeling anywhere.

Softball bats come and go. Different models are made every year in order to keep sales rolling. This is a benefit to the manufacturers and the players. Miken and Combat might be the new hot names, but DeMarini softball bats haven’t gone anywhere, and you shouldn’t expect them to. The name DeMarini will always be at the top of the industry.

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