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Rental Car Toronto - Rental Car Toronto-Five Things You Should Know

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If you have tried renting a car in Toronto before, you might have experienced the feeling of being ripped off by the company after you have signed up for the car. Regular travelers who rent cars during their holidays may be familiar with wrong expectations, hidden charges and lack of choices from rental car Toronto agencies. Therefore, before hiring a car in Toronto, it is important to research on the available options.

When you are planning to rent a car in Toronto, consider the following before you make a reservation:

1. Rental companies sell fuel at a higher price than usual.
Having the rental car Toronto agency refuel your vehicle is convenient. However, before you let them do this, keep in mind that your charges will increase for this fuelling service. Therefore, if you are looking to save, you are better off fueling the car on your own than having the company fuel it for you.
The more things you let the agency do for you, the higher your charges will be.

2. Insurance is provided as a separate charge.
After booking your car online, do not expect the listed cost to include insurance. Getting insurance from the rental car Toronto agency is purely the buyer’s choice and is usually not included in the rental cost. If you would like to get insurance, call the rental agency and inquire about the cost.

Some agencies will allow you to use your car insurance if you have one while most will try to talk you into taking their insurance. To reduce your cost, call your insurance company and inquire whether your car policy will cover the rental.

3. Rental car Toronto companies have age restrictions.
Most rental agencies in Toronto only allow drivers of 21 years and above to hire their cars. If you are below 21 but over 18, you may be given a rental but at a higher cost. You may also have to pay more if you have a bad past traffic record.

Young drivers are considered “high risk” customers and this is why there are many penalties imposed upon them. As a young driver, one way you can reduce your car rental costs is by restricting your driving times only during off peak traffic hours and reducing the total mileage you will cover.

4. Taxes vary from place to place in Toronto.
You may be subject to additional taxes and surcharges when you hire a car in Toronto. For example, you may have to pay parking taxes if you pick your car from a rental agency located at an airport. While this is convenient for any traveler, the overall charges will increase.

To cut down on your costs, get the car from an agency that is located off the airport. Also, most Toronto downtown hotels also offer car rental services to their customers. Get a taxi or a shuttle bus from the airport and then stop by a downtown car hire agency. You will save a couple of dollars by skipping the airport car rental agencies.

5. Cars are subject to availability.
While it is good to reserve your car in advance, this does not mean you will get exactly what you booked. The cars are always subject to availability. Set your expectations but also expect to get a similar type of car. Some of the things that determine the availability of cars include the pickup time as well as the day.

Call the Toronto car rental company and talk to a representative. Ask them about the availability of the car you booked and what time you can pick it up. If you set your own pick up time, you may not get the car you want.

The above are 5 things you should put into consideration before you engage a rental car Toronto agency. It is important to know what to expect from the agency. Carry our research about the agency, what its charges and surcharges are and the types of cars available. With proper research, you will make sound decisions and get value for your money.

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