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0 Car Finance - What Does 0% Car Finance Mean

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0% car finance means that you, as the buyer, take out a loan for the purchase of a vehicle and the lender charges you only the balance of the price of the car without adding any interest to the loan amount for the entire life of the loan. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be some fees and other costs associated with the car finance. It just means that you will not pay interest on the loan.

If you want to qualify for 0% car finance, you had better have spotless credit. Very few buyers are qualified for this financing. It would make sense that people with lower income should do better with 0% car financing, but it is a reward and not an incentive for buyers who already have outstanding credit.

Dealers need to sell cars. They need to come up with ways that will attract qualified buyers to purchase new vehicles frequently from their lots. The 0% car finance lure definitely gets cars sold. Thousands of cars are sold each day and there has not been a decline in new car sales for many years.

If you are a well qualified buyer with perfect credit, then you should ask about the possibility of getting 0% car finance when you buy your next car. You will find that probably also qualify for rebates and other incentives that dealers offer to buyers who buy new vehicles.

Some people wonder if they have to buy an expensive vehicle in order to qualify for such excellent financing. The answer is almost always no. You can buy any car you want with 0% car finance and this is a great savings for someone looking for low cost transportation.

Watch the television ads that dealers show and pay attention to their websites and you will find many offers for excellent deals on both cars and the interest free financing that they use to sell the cars. Late in the year, you are most likely to get the biggest discounts and deals because that is when dealers are working the hardest to get rid of inventory before new models become available.

You might also want to get a new car as soon as the new models become available. The manufacturer will offer great deals in order to get people to buy the new cars that they are sending to deal lots across the country. After all, the more exposure they get on the road, the more people want them and decide to go buy one.

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