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Orange Customer Services - The Customer Service Provided by Orange Customer Services

customers phone mobile available

The main way that Internet and mobile phone service is provided in France is with a company called Orange. As the fifth largest provider in the world, Orange has over 200 million customers. With this type of popularity, this size of customer base and with technology growing at the fastest pace that anything has ever grown in the history of mankind, providing excellent customer service is a primary and necessary component of Orange. Orange customer service is aware of the needs and questions that arise from customers and strives consistently to make this service available to customers at all times so mobile phone and internet service is always available without interruption.

The customer service provided by Orange Customer Services is reliable and available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. On the website, customers are provided with quick question and answer troubleshooting that is a first step to alleviate time and frustration. A variety of links are provided, including support for mobile phones, broadband and mobile phone services combined, business assistance, assistance specifically for iPhone users, and general questions about Orange service. There is even a link to give specific instructions for those customers who might be traveling abroad. It hasn’t been unheard of for customers to receive unexpected bills that are very high because of being out of their service area, especially out of the country. Orange customer service, in an effort to protect customers, makes sure to give directions to avoid this type of misunderstanding.

However, if live customer service is required, the website provides one entry box for customers to find an actual store, since many customers prefer actually walking into a store and having a technical expert look at their equipment, or several customer phone number numbers are provided. Orange customer service provides a link for customers to receive text message updates as well just by entering the mobile phone number. The phone number to call is 07973 100 150 or, for new customers, the number to call is 0800 0792000.

During 2009, Orange upgraded its 3G data network to a 3.5G which has resulted in higher customer satisfaction, faster speed on mobile phones and Internet usage and increased signal coverage. This type of coverage upgrading will continue as technology continues to grow and expand so that Orange Customers will have the best service available.

Regardless of the issue that needs to be resolved, Orange customer service will assist in any way possible. Considering this company can be done with peace of mind, knowing that, even with all of the changes that will continually take place in technology, Orange will be right on top of all of it with answers to any questions that customers might have.

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