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Car Rental Jacksonville - Car Rental Jacksonville-Watch Out For Hidden Charges!

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With many car rental agencies in Jacksonville, FL, it can be a daunting task choosing one that will be right for you. There are many things you have to consider when choosing an agency. These include the availability of the type of car you are looking for, cost of the rental, insurance, customer service among others. You have to strike a balance between price and preference when choosing a car.

Price is a major factor to consider when looking for a car rental in Jacksonville. You should compare the rates of different companies to find one that is affordable. However, before you drive off with the car, keep in mind the extra charges below that you may be levied to you later.

1. Charges on young or additional drivers.
If you are a young driver, expect extra charges when you are renting a car. Most companies charge drivers under 25 years additional fees that can range from $25 to $100. Studies have shown that most car damages are caused by drivers under 25 years and this explains the surcharges imposed on those in this category.

Some car rental Jacksonville companies will not charge you for an additional driver. However, others may charge you a fee of $25 or more. This slap may not be disclosed when you are booking the car.

2. Fuel charges.
Before you drive off with your car from the rental agency, check the level of the fuel in the tank and insist that a company’s representative notes this. This is because you will be expected to return the car with the tank full. You can be charged about $5 or more per gallon for failing to fill the tank when you return the car.

If you prepay for a full tank, keep in mind that many car rentals in Jacksonville, FL will not refund you for any gas that you will not have used. A good option would be to skip the prepaid option and fill the tank at a convenient gas station that is near the car rental.

3. Cleaning charges.
Making your rental dirty may make you pay extra in the form of “cleaning charges”. When you return your rental, the agency will inspect it inside and outside and may charge you a premium in case a thorough cleaning will have to be carried out before the vehicle can be rented out to the next customer.

Therefore, in case someone gets sick and vomits in the car, spills something or maybe your toddler messes up the seat, paying an auto dealer to do the cleaning will save you from embarrassment and extra charges at the car rental Jacksonville agency.

4. Late fees.
Another form of hidden charge is levied as “late fees”. These are charged when you drop off the car later than the deadline set by the rental agency. If you are late in picking up the car, make sure the company’s representative takes note of this and adjusts the timer on the computer to reflect this change. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for fewer hours.

On the day you are supposed to return the car, start your journey early. If the car rental Jacksonville, FL company is located at the airport, keep in mind that you may be caught up in a traffic jam and thus fall short of your deadline. Bad weather may also delay your drop off time. Consider these factors if you want to avoid fees for late delivery.

5. One-way charges.
You may pay more or less if you drop off the car at a different location from the pickup point. This will depend on a number of factors such as the type of car, the cities involved and the agency. Find out whether the company has “drop charges” and compare it to the daily rates of other companies.

Before you make a reservation, check the prices of different car rental Jacksonville companies and gauge the cost you will incur if you drop off the car at a different location from the pickup point.

The above are some of the hidden charges that car rentals agencies in Jacksonville, Florida slap on their customers. You will save on the cost of car rental if you can avoid the above.

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