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Combi Car Seats - Securing Your Child With Combi Car Seats

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When you’re driving with your children in the car, you want them to be as safe as possible; this means, they should not be riding in the passenger side unless they are of a certain age. They should have their own car seat, which should be placed in the back seat and facing the rear of the vehicle; some people believe that the seat should face the front of the car. While this is often an argument, the fact that a child should have a car seat is not debatable. When looking for a perfect seat for your child, look no further than Combi car seats.

Combi has been in business since 1989 and is the manufacturer of various child safety products, including: strollers, car seats, high chairs, walkers, swings and bouncers. Combi car seats are produced with the same quality of the company’s other products; in fact, the term “Combi” is short for combination, which refers to the combination of both mother and child. With this concept in mind, they provide equal quality and care into each of their products, just as a mother cares for the quality and well-being of her child.

Combi car seats come in a variety of shapes and styles, such as the Shuttle 33, Coccoro, Zeus 360, Shuttle 33 Base, and Kobuk Air-Thru. Each is designed with a different purpose in mind; however, they all are built to maximize the safety of a baby or toddler. Some of these features include: five-point harness, carrying strap, bottle pocket, canopy, padded shoulder straps, removable guard rails and washable seat cushions.

The Shuttle 33, for example, is compatible with all of Combi’s strollers. It supports infants and toddlers up to thirty-three pounds and thirty-three inches; hence the name Shuttle 33. The Kobuk Air-Thru is vented and allows hot air to easily escape while cooler air rushes in. It is also designed for use as a backless booster once the child has outgrown the car seat. Combi keeps functionality in mind when designing each and every one of their products.

Combi car seats are also designed in a variety of colors to match any car, minivan or SUV you may own. Some seats have various designs and bold colors that are attractive to children; this makes them want to sit in the chair. Some children do not like being put into their car seat; however, Combi designs every product with children in mind.

You can buy Combi car seats at a local retail store or through their online website. If you are unsure if your city has a Combi dealer, the website has a store locator that will guide you to the nearest retailer. Many of the seats are available for less than four-hundred dollars, which is a very competitive price when factoring in the amount of features you get from just one seat.

Prices will vary, so it’s best to visit the website to see if the company is offering any sales. Some people will sell their used Combi car seats through various online stores, so it would be wise to do some comparative shopping before you commit to a purchase.

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