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Cars With Best Gas Mileage - Among Cars With Best Gas Mileage These Stand Out

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When people research cars before they buy one they check on general things such as how many the car seats comfortably, how much room is in the trunk for storage and if the car has MP3 capability. People look at the size to judge if they can park it and they look for speed and maneuverability. People check to see if the car performs well in the snow and if the car has a moon roof. Some may ask what car gets the best gas mileage but most just assume that a car performs well because the maker’s other models perform well.

The cars with best gas mileage tend to be subcompact cars, according to a Fortune 500 magazine in addition to a leading car magazine. Leaving hybrids out of the equation, because they’d trump whatever hand was dealt, small cars, SUVs and station wagons were examined. Numbers in this study were based on 5 years and 15,000 miles driven per car at the gas price of $2.60 per gallon for regular unleaded gas. As expected, Honda Fit at 28 city and 35 road and Toyota Yaris at 29 city and 36 road topped the list. Two seaters like the SmartForTwo looked good at 33 city and 41 road. Compact and mid-sized cars such as the Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Accent averaged out at 26 city and 36 road. In SUVs and trucks, Chevrolet takes the prize with Equinox at 22 city and 32 road and the pickup Silverado at 15 city and 32 road.

A big consideration in cars which get good gas mileage would be the transmission. A manual transmission uses less gas because when the clutch is engaged no gas is pushing the car. In an automatic transmission, the rpms determine when the tranny shifts gears which takes gas. As a car idles, the manual is not using gas because the clutch is not engaged but in an automatic the gas is still circulating because the clutch is automatically engaged. Other considerations include tires – with more surface on the road tires cause the vehicle to use more gas. Also, a 4 cylinder car will use less gas than a 6 or 8 cylinder car. And brand new cars will use more gas because the engine is not broken in just yet.

Size has a lot to do with it. Factors affecting gas mileage are inertia and air resistance. The larger automobile or truck uses more gas, not only on take off but to cut through the air. The smaller, aerodynamic body has less to cut through and takes less gas. It also takes less gas to push off from a dead stop such as at traffic lights. Add to those dynamics poor road conditions, driver habits and weather. The cars with best gas mileage don’t matter a bit if road conditions are poor for it takes more gas no matter the size of the vehicle to slow down to navigate potholes, speed bumps, steep curves and hills. Drivers who continuously raise and lower their foot on the gas pedal cost themselves gas mileage as opposed to the driver whose foot maintains steady pressure on the gas pedal. Weather plays a big part in gas mileage due to the loss of speed to negotiate conditions.

When people look into buying a car they ask all the normal questions but they rarely think of the factors that go into making up gas mileage. Cars with the best gas mileage will be small aerodynamic cars, not squarish cars, or they will be smaller SUVs and trucks. They will have 4 cylinders and smaller tires. They will have a manual transmission and if it’s a new car, people will think of giving the vehicle time to break in properly before they see good gas mileage. They will take into account weather, road conditions, air resistance and inertia. Few people think of these things when they’re captivated by a car on the lot but some of these considerations are just built into the car and people don’t have to think about it. In times like these small cars with best gas mileage are vital to family economy and better for all.

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