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Direct Pet Insurance - How to Choose an An Affordable Direct Pet Insurance Plan

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Many pet owners view their pets as an important part of their family. They pay for their food, their health care, and become very distressed when their pet’s health begins to fail. Unfortunately, similar to humans, pet health care can be very expensive. This can leave many pet owners unable to afford expensive medical bills and therefore unable to provide their pet with the best health care available.

Fortunately, financially savvy pet owners can purchase pet health insurance. Pet health insurance is similar to human health insurance, as policy holders are required to pay monthly premiums and the insurance company will pay a portion of the pet’s medical care. However, not all pet insurance companies are created equal. This is why is it important for pet owners to choose straightforward, direct pet insurance, in order to protect their pet’s health, as well as their finances.

Pet insurance will be the most beneficial if purchased when the pet is still young. Like human health insurance, many pet insurance companies will decline or charge more for a pet that has a pre-existing condition. This is why it is important to begin shopping for simple, direct pet insurance while a pet is still healthy, instead of waiting until the vet bills begin piling up. Additionally, purchasing insurance when a pet is still young will help to save you money on shots, early vet visits, and when getting your pet spayed or neutered.

When shopping for beneficial, direct pet insurance, it is important to compare a number of different policies. It is also important to understand the coverage that different policies offer. Pet insurance can be confusing to first time buyers the same way that regular health insurance can be confusing. If you do not know exactly what you are paying for, you may end up disappointed by your policy’s coverage when you need it most.

Many direct pet insurance policies include accidents, veterinary fees, lab tests, hospitalizations, illnesses, prescription medications, cancer, and surgery. These policies will vary by company and will offer different levels of coverage, different deductibles, and different maximum benefits. Many insurance plans will also cover boarding fees, alternative treatments, the cost of advertising if the pet runs away, and will reimburse a vacation that had to be cancelled due to the pet’s illness.

When shopping for direct pet insurance, it is important to understand how coverage works. Some companies will cover a percentage of a pet’s care, while others will cover all of a pet’s medical care up to a certain amount, excluding the deductible. These options are important to consider, as they will affect how much a pet owner would have to pay in the event the pet suffered an expensive medical emergency.

After comparing a few direct pet insurance policies, it is important to determine exactly what you need in a policy and what you are willing to pay each month. Policies that offer the most coverage will cost the most each month. However, these policies will also offer the most coverage in expensive medical situations. Just like with any insurance, pet insurance is a gamble. It is impossible to predict if pet insurance will ever pay off or if a pet owner should have gotten a better policy until it is too late.

Before purchasing pet insurance, also speak with your veterinarian about what insurance companies and polices they suggest. Policies for cats, dogs, horses, and other animals will differ greatly. Most veterinarians will be able to suggest a few different policies that will provide you will great coverage options.

Additionally, those that are seeking affordable, yet direct pet insurance can save money a few different ways. The first way is to obtain a very basic insurance policy that does not offer a bunch of options that you may never need, like vacation cancellation insurance. The second way to save money is to choose a policy with a high deductible.

Deductibles usually go up to $1,000. However, if you obtain a policy with a $1,000 deductible, it is important to understand that you will rarely be able to use your policy. Purchasing a policy with a deductible that high will only help you if your pet suffers from a severe illness or accident. However, regardless of what policy you choose, pet insurance is a great way to protect your pet and ensure that you will be able to afford expensive medical care in case of an emergency.

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