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Braun Replacement Parts - Looking at Braun Replacement Parts and what is available

series foil coffee cutter

Braun is well known for producing high- quality products that are built to last. They are also known for manufacturing top quality Braun replacement parts, as well.

For the Braun razor series, the foil and cutter block should be replaced every eighteen months. By the time eighteen months have passed, the razor will have shaved about six million hairs on average. That is the equivalent to having shaved an entire soccer field.

For the Series 7, Pulsonic, the 70S (9000 Series) replacement Cassette is recommended. The Braun replacement Cassette is a remarkable technological advancement in that the Cassette incorporates both shaving foil, and the cutting block into one unit. This makes change-out a snap, literally.

The Series 5, ContourPro will use the 51S (8000 Series) foil and cutter replacement parts. It may lack the advantage of a cassette, but the replacement parts do feature Braun’s “OptiFoil” technology. This foil has ergonomically sized holes that cut hair deeper than ever before.

The Series 3 razor needs the 31S (5000 Series) foil and cutter replacement for optimum performance. The (5000 Series) replacement features “Smart Foil” technology that captures hair growing in different directions and ensures a exceptionally close shave.

The foil and cutter for the Series 3 SmartControl razor should be replaced with the 30B (7000/4000 Series) foil and cutter replacement pack with “Smart Foil” technology. The cruZer razor foil and cutter should be replaced with the 10S/20S (1000/2000 Series foil and cutter package for optimum performance.

One of the nice features of Braun replacement parts is the design for ease of use and convenience. For instance, the Braun clean and renew refills that clean and lubricate Braun razors for up to 30 cleaning cycles. Installation is quick and remarkably easy to do. Clean and renew refill packs can be purchased from a two month supply to a full year, as the customer wishes. Should power cords wear out or become lost, Braun replacement power cords are available for all models of shavers.

Top quality Braun replacement parts are available for all Braun products, such as Braun coffee makers. The KWF2 replacement water filter is designed to improve the flavor of coffee brewed in Braun coffee makers. In addition, this replacement part helps to reduce chlorine, and will prevent calcification that is so necessary for a great cup of coffee. This water filter twin pack from Braun will last for 70 brewing cycles, or about two months. Braun replacement water filters are available from two months to a full year of supply.

Braun replacement carafes, such as the Braun KFK12FL/ 3113796 are available in 10 and 12 cup capacities and are scratch resistant, as well. These replacement carafes by Braun can be purchased with black or gray handles, and are also available in white as desired. Braun replacement parts for coffee makers include the Braun 7050289/7050288/7050290 replacement coffee filters. These filters can be purchased with white and silver trim, black and silver, or silver and black trim according to customer tastes. For those who prefer to grind their own coffee with a Braun coffee mill, and a new coffee bean receptacle is needed, Braun offers the 7050412/3045646 bean receptacle that is the perfect replacement. If a water Kettle replacement anticalcification filter is needed, then the Braun 7050589 and 3217643 replacement filters will fit all Braun electric water kettles.

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