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Shock Collar Training - Training By Static Correction

uncontrollable barking yard containment

Well-mannered dogs are everywhere, but they are hardly ever born that way. It is true, some dogs are genetically gifted with perfect mannerisms and the ability to put personal preferences aside and follow their owners guidelines without fail. However, these types of dogs are truly a rare breed. In most cases, the well-behaved dogs that you see walking down the street on a loose leash, staying within the confines of their own yards and never caught nuisance barking, have been trained that way. These techniques for training take on many different forms, but many dog owners turn to static correction to break down bad habits that can have major consequences.

The three main reasons for using static correction collars are:

1. Uncontrollable Barking
2. Yard Containment
3. Off-Leash Obedience/Roaming Training

A Static Correction Collar is better known as a “shock collar,” though the former is less harsh and is generally more widely used by dog trainers and behavioral experts. Shock collars are made with a specific purpose in mind or can be used to cover a broad range of negative behaviors. The individual needs of the dog owner will be the deciding factor when choosing an appropriate training collar. Here are the facts of each, in detail:

Uncontrollable Barking

Dog training experts and behavioral analysts will always recommend an obedience training program before attempting to use these types of physical punishment. Sometimes, a good training regimen will be able to help owners extinguish a behavior that is deemed undesirable, like excessive barking. Training programs are often long roads that require a great deal of patience and consistency. Overall, it is the best method for training new positive behaviors and extinguishing established negative ones.

In some instances, the amount of time necessary to achieve successful results through training classes is not afforded the dog and owner pair. For instance, a dog that barks all day and night in an apartment complex will not be tolerated. Similarly, dogs that bark late into the night and early in the morning in neighborhoods can be quite a nuisance and there are laws against such noise complaints. It is sometimes necessary to take drastic measures to correct the behavior quickly and efficiently, and this is where the static correction collars come in.

For most models, the dog wears a collar that fits the neck tighter than a regular nylon collar. There are two probes that sit on either side of the neck so that the vibrations from barking can be easily monitored and picked up. Depending on the model, there are adjustable levels of correction, for stubborn dogs who are not easily swayed away from howling into the night. At signs of barking, through vibrations, the collar will send a warning beep before the dog receives the static correction. If the barking subsides, the correction is not administered. If the barking continues, the dog will receive the static correction and start to create an aversive association with the act of barking; at least, while the collar is on.

Yard Containment

One of the most popular reasons for purchasing shock collars is for pet containment and safety. Dogs are lost every day because of digging out of yards, climbing over and under fences and roaming out of unfenced yards. Worse is the safety threat, as dogs do not understand staying out of roads, off highways and in traffic. There are many options when considering a pet containment system, all requiring shock collars. An In-Ground System will give more flexibility when choosing boundaries than a wireless containment system, which encloses 90 feet of yard in every direction from the base unit. When approaching the boundary line, some collars will give the dog the warning beep that is also present in the barking collars; it is a way to give your dog the opportunity to escape correction by backtracking into the safe boundary. If the dog tries to pass by the established boundary line, the collar will be alerted and a static correction will be administered. There are little dog, big dog and stubborn dog systems that allow for lesser or more intensity of shock, depending on size and will of the dog.

Off-Leash Obedience and Roaming Training

Some dog owners will purchase a remote shock collar that works on an abundance of behaviors. The collar is worn like both of the previous systems, but is set off by the deliberate actions of the owner. If there is an issue with barking, digging, jumping on counters, jumping on people, roaming outside of the yard — it doesn’t matter the situation, as long as the owner is present to witness the behavior, it can be manually corrected. It can be dangerous to use this method of shock training as it can cause inconsistency if not caught every single time. A dog punished for digging while the owner is home and not when the owner is gone, can be confused and it can actually strengthen the negative behavior if we are not careful.

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