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Sensitive Skin Care Products - Sensitive Skin: The Best Skin Care Products to Soothe and Protect

calming gentle ultra cleanser

Sensitive skin is a delicate subject. Sensitive skin can be dry, red, itchy, and easily irritated, and finding the right skin care products to cure and relieve is a must. There are some wonderful skin care products out there on the market for sensitive skin and are as easily attainable as the local drugstore.

For inexpensive, drugstore options, there are three great product lines for sensitive skin: Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Eucerin. Although all of Aveeno’s skin care products work well with delicate skin, they have created a line specifically designed for sensitive skin: Aveeno Ultra-Calming. All of the Ultra-Calming products contain Feverfew, a flower known for its soothing qualities and ability to reduce redness. For the face, there is an Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use, yet still strong enough to cleanse away dirt and oil. After cleansing, the Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 helps soothe and moisturize the skin, while including the ever-important sun protection, all without the irritation that stand alone sunscreens often cause. Aveeno even offers an Ultra-Calming Shave Gel, designed to help soothe red, dry, irritated skin on the legs that can result from shaving. This is also a great product for men who have sensitive skin and suffer from razor burn and redness after shaving. For an all-over body moisturizer, Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion contains colloidal oatmeal, which helps prevent and protect dry skin. It is fragrance-free, non-greasy and non-comedogenic – all the important things to look for when treating sensitive skin. Neutrogena is another name synonymous with sensitive skin and advertises itself as the “#1 dermatologist recommended brand” available. Neutrogena’s Extra Gentle Cleanser promises to add back moisture with each use and contains anti-irritants Chamomile and Vitamin E. It is a gentle cleanser that will not irritate sensitive skin. Eucerin rounds out the top three as another brand dermatologists trust with a full line of safe, effective, non-irritating skin care products for the face and body. Eucerin offers a variety of skin care options that range from strengthening skin’s protective barrier against the elements to soothing relief for itchy, irritated skin, or advanced healing for dry and cracked skin. All work well with even the most sensitive of skin types.

For a higher end, department store product, Origins’ Dr. Andrew Weil’s Mega-Mushroom line helps calm, soothe, and defend skin against the visible skins of aging. The Mega-Mushroom Face Cleanser is a gentle, milky lotion cleanser that promises to keep even highly sensitive or reactive skin calm throughout the cleansing process. The Mega-Mushroom line offers advanced face serums, face creams and a skin-calming face mask, all designed to soothe, calm and protect sensitive skin. Prices range from $21 to $110.

The most important thing when looking for a product for sensitive skin is to pay attention to the ingredients. Harsh chemicals, additives, and overly strong ingredients can reek havoc on easily irritated, sensitive skin. One way to significantly reduce the chances of irritation is to find a skin care product that is free of fragrance. Other important keywords to look for in sensitive skin care products should include hypoallergenic, non-irritating, oil free and soap free, or gentle and calming.

There are great sensitive skin care products available if you know what to look for. However, the best test of a sensitive skin care product, of course, is the sensitive skin itself.

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