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Car Rentals Spain - Car Rentals Spain-How to Reduce Your Car Hire Costs

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The cost of hiring a car in Spain has been on the increase in recent years. Car hire brokers are renting economy cars at nearly 3 times higher than the cost 5 years ago. At airports, rates have shot by up to 75% while other prime parking areas have also increased their rates. One of the reasons that explain the increased cost of car rentals in Spain is the fluctuating economy, which has made it difficult for car hire companies to get finances to maintain their fleet. In turn, consumers have to pay for this.

While car rentals in Spain can be expensive, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your cost.

a) Advance Booking
This is very important especially during peak times. Car rentals rates are scary during the summer but if you book early, you will pay less. If you will be on vacation in Spain during July or August, make your reservation about two months earlier to avoid price hikes. During off peak months like June and September, prices are usually reasonable and are unlikely to go north.

Studies have shown that you can save between $100 to $150 if you book in advance. There is also the possibility of missing a car if you wait until the last minute to book. Car rental firms in prime destinations usually sell out during the peak periods and this is a major blow to last minute persons.

b) Shop Around
The prices of car rentals in Spain vary between different agencies. For a week’s hire from Barcelona Airport, quotes range from $206 to $295. Most international companies offer their cars at expensive rates.

Before you book, compare quotes at price-comparison websites to know the price range across different companies. Also, find out the price trends over months using aggregator websites. You may be better off making reservations with local Span car rental agency than international ones. The downside of this is that the companies may not have a variety of vehicles to choose from. However, they can customize their prices and services to fit your needs.

c) Get a Larger Car
Most travelers usually go for smaller cars and thus you may find that they have all been booked. Larger cars of category 2 and up may be available and they are usually priced reasonably if you consider their engine size, comfort and extra size.

d) Are there Hidden Charges?
Hidden charges come in different forms such as extra cost for having a second driver, air conditioning, child seats, GPS tracking and navigation system among others. When comparing rates, find out how they vary across different companies and what the exact charges are. Some companies may not charge you for an additional driver while others will. If you get a rental with a child booster seat, be prepared to chip in about $10 per day during your rental period.

If you will be traveling with a child, carry your own booster seat. There are many affordable inflatable booster seats you can get at between $30 -$40. This will save you hundreds of dollars especially if you will be in Span for a long time.

e) Be Wary of Excess Waiver
While it is important to get quotes from price-comparison websites, they may not include all the charges of the rental companies. For example, while many Spain cars hire companies include insurance in their pre-paid services, this usually comes with excess. This means you may still have to part with thousands of dollars if the car is damaged while under your care. Some companies may offer to reduce the excess to zero when you are doing the paperwork at their desk. However, they will charge you about 20 dollars for this service.

Specialist insurers sell cheaper separates excess waiver policies. These can cover for the number of rentals you will take during the year and are cheaper in the long run. You can compare excess insurance rates of different companies online.

The above are some of the things you should consider when you are looking for a car rental in Spain. You can reduce your car hire costs if you know where extra costs come in.

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