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Womens Leather Sandals - Womens Leather Sandals Are Not Just For The Beach

ankle style straps worn

A leather sandal is defined as a shoe with an openwork leather upper, which is a regular patterns of openings, slits, holes or straps attaching to the sole of the shoe. Regardless of the purchase price, leather just has an expensive appearance, even if it was inexpensive. Because of this, it can be dressed up or dressed down. The leather can be dyed, machine cut, carved, stamped, embossed, painted or even have beads attached. In addition, leather can be dyed any color. The traditional neutral shades are black, brown, tan and mahogany but leather sandals can be white, blue, red, green, orange or basically any color, even two-toned. The leather used for the sandals can be any type such as cow hides, pigskin or even ostrich leather, which has a dimpled goosebump effect. As for the sole, it is usually made from cork, rubber, leather or synthetic materials.

There are many different design styles of leather sandals, as well as varying heel heights. The following are just a few of the most popular types. The fisherman’s sandal is a popular leather-thonged sandal that has a flat sole or a very slight heel. It is characterized by a closed toe style with air holes and a strap that goes around the ankle. The closure is usually a buckle or velcro. A gladiator style leather sandal is one that has open toes and the straps wrap around and past the ankle, up the calf. Another type of sandal has open toes and two thick straps that go across the top of the foot, typically referred to as a Birkenstock sandal. Some styles will have an ankle strap, while others will not. The thong or flip flop is the most basic leather sandal style since the leather strap simply rests between the first and second toe and runs across the side of the foot while the ankle is left open.

Leather sandals are meant to be worn in warmer weather. Socks should never be worn with them because not only does it defeat the purpose of wearing a shoes with air vents, but it just plain looks ridiculous. While leather sandals are a great choice for the beach, they will also look nice when worn to run errands or simply to take a walk. Any style with a lot of straps that go up the leg will look sexy and playful for a night on the town when paired with a short skirt. Sandal styles with a closed ankle with provide the most support, thus making them a good choice for a hike at the park or more physical adventures. For a quick trip to the mailbox or for a day lounging around the pool, flip flops are an ideal choice due to the easy, no fuss, slip-on style. It is a good idea to have a wardrobe of leather sandal styles for different situations. Any shoe will have a prolonged life and maintain the original appearance if it is given a day to rest, rather than being worn every single day.

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